Friday 29 May 2020

Siting in a quiet churchyard on a sunny day.

Hello. It's very very hot ouside, extremely hot. Oscar came in for food, doesn't he always, several times a day, he was roasting hot. Scoffed then went back out again. Mayze is out there snuggled among the long grass. I hope she isn't going to get heat stroke. And this whimp is sat here eating my lunch waiting for this video to upload.

I wont be going far today. In the garden then back into the house to cool off. Here is the video I did yesterday, I made two actually, I'll put the other one out another time.

We get some more freedoms next week, so that will be interesting to watch how it all pans out. Don't forget we are coming up to the end of the month, check in day for the International Walking Group is Monday the 1st of June. The target for five months is 416 miles if you are doing the 1000 miles challenge. Three days left to catch up if you haven't quite reached that target.

Lunch break is finished and I'm going to do a bit more of playing with my bits. I'll post a progress picture soon. Looking good so far.
Toodle pip, Adios amigos,  ilona


  1. I won't even begin to hope that I could make the 1000 miles this year but at long last I am doing between 2 and 3 miles most days. Sometimes a bit more and sometimes a bit less. There's always next year for me but for now I shall keep on plodding on

  2. Here in Wales we are still on Lockdown as R numbers too high still. Our one allowance is you can meet family in your garden but only if they are living in a 5 mile radius of your home. My two grown up kids live 25 and 60 miles away . . .

  3. Lovely video.This is just my sort of thing.We go for a walk around our local cemetery quite alot and I also read the names,look at the ages.I think the peace and quiet and birdsong help block out the madness that is going on at the

  4. What a beautiful place Ilona. Bless you for sharing. Churchyard are such lovely peaceful places x

  5. The yellow flowers are laburnum Ilona.

  6. I absolutely love your photo's and video's. Yep. Can hear the birds singing. My sister and I love to ramble through old graveyards. Thanks for the sounds of life across the pond from me. :)


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