Saturday 30 May 2020

So far so good.

This is the state of play so far. Making the components and moving them about on the board to see where they fit best. Nothing stuck down yet, there is still more work to do on the board. I am running out of black acrylic paint, but I will be able to get some from the Scrapstore when they are ready to open. Can't get any from the shops here, I think everyone bought it up to entertain the kids at home. 
Beer bottle tops with a button stuck in the centre, stuck on a CD.

Small black zips taken apart. Running stitch along the edge and pulled tight to make it curly. The bigger ones are three pieces joined together. I think they would make nice brooches with a pin on the back. The theme is going to be mainly black, with touches of red and gold.

Looks like another hot day today. I shall stay around the house, doing a bit in the garden and coming indoors to cool off. A Billy dog walk later when it cools down.

Thanks for popping in. Cheerio, adios, adieu, auf wiedersehen, arrivederci, ciao, ta ta. Catch you tomorrow. ilona


  1. Gosh you are inventive ... that is genius. I couldn't work out what the curled up things were until you explained, yes they would make lovely brooches.

    I would be rescuing the wooden spoons though ;-)

    1. I started off by drilling holes into one of the spoons, was going to stitch through them adding French knots with black wool. Knew that wasn't going to work. Now they are painted black, with a bit trimmed off the bottom, they were too long. Wait and see what I next do with them.

  2. Absolutely creative ideas - very impressed by your making use of things that would be discarded.

  3. I love your creativity with all your colourful ideas and objects and
    still enjoy remembering the story unfolding of how your summer house came to life as well .Very motivational .

  4. That's a very clever idea with the black zippers. I like the first unfinished piece too.

  5. you are really so inventive Ilona. love your ideas


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