Sunday 17 May 2020

Wandering through fields

Hello. Thank you for all the good wishes you sent yesterday, it's lovely to read them. I'm not going to add a thank you reply to each one, I will just say a BIG thank you here. 
The day was no different to any other day, after all, 71 is just a number. I remembered my 70th last year when I was having a wonderful holiday in Cornwall. Maybe next year for my 72nd I will have a holiday for that. 
I went a walk of course, my usual route, keeping my eyes open for something to photograph which I hadn't noticed before. I can't understand why people walk in groups then don't notice what they are passing because they are too busy talking. I suppose they do it for the company, the safety of a group must be comforting for some people. But me, I like to strike out alone because I want to drink it all in. I want to be immersed in nature, I want to feel part of it.
I had a look at Puddings blog, he has been walking in a part of North Lincolnshire not far from me, and where I have walked many times myself. His photo's are ace. It's very hard to capture on a photo what you can see in real life. The only way to get a real feel for it is to get close up. Here are some photo's of my five mile walk yesterday. 
This photo does not capture the beautiful purple/lilac colour of these thistles, even with a bit of tweaking at the editing stage. 
I like the way these twisted tree roots are exposed due to the edge of the field falling away into a big hole. I suspect this gets full of water in the winter after heavy rainfall.

The ground around here is a mixture of clay and sand. The tracks become impacted by agricultural vehicles trundling up and down.

I should have put my shorts on today, it's warm enough.

Magnificent tree with yellow oil seed rape and hawthorn in the foreground. The yellow flowers are disappearing fast, turning to green seed pods. 
 On closer inspection the tree is being swallowed up by all the ground foliage around it.

The main road through a village was closed due to a burst water main. There was a diversion in place as the men and machines tried to sort it out. That was lucky because a man was walking his dog and turned onto a field track which I wanted to use, so I continued along the road parallel to the track, without fear of being run over. 
I got back in time to catch Terry Miles and his live stream session on yoootooob. Couldn't resist sending him a message reminding him that it was exactly one year since he made a special Happy Birthday video for me. He played a shorter version, which I was well chuffed about. 
Time for Sunday lunch now. Not the traditional kind, but whatever I have in the fridge. Nice to have a chat with my best friend this morning. I need to cut my hair this afternoon, and there's work in the garden to do. Keep busy everyone. 
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Belated birthday wishes. Glad you had a lovely walk to celebrate.

  2. So glad you enjoyed your birthday, you're looking good for 71 and so fit. Well done.

  3. When I read Puddings blog I did wonder if you knew the places that he mentioned.Your walk looks lovely as always and those thistles do look a pretty colour.It has been a nice few days here in Leicester as well,although Im never to sure what to wear,as the sun can be beaming down,but its still a bit cool.But it is so nice to get the fresh air each day.I had a lovely chat with Flis yesterday..she always cheers me up!!.Although she cant comment at the moment she is still reading and enjoying your blog.My kitchen is going to have a deep clean today..although my version of a deep clean is maybe different to other peoples,lol.Life goes on as the new normal,but we are just making the best of things.Thats all we can do!I have been dipping into watching Terry,but missed your birthday greetings from him.You must have been well chuffed!.I must get round to watching his daughter and brother aswell.Hope you have a lovely


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