Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Warning - Covid post.

 Jeez, this is just bonkers going off the scale. The hospitals are at breaking point, full to capacity. Some of them might be pretty busy, but not all of them. Emotive language to ramp up the fear. There are numerous historical reports that the situation at this moment in time mirrors exactly the reported situation in past years. It is flu season, and speaking of flu, has that been completely eradicated, because there is no reporting of winter flu being recorded. It has been wiped out by Covid. Take a look at old newspaper headlines. 

Hospitals race to combat toughest ever winter crisis for NHS.

The Guardian Dec 2018

NHS Hospitals facing toughest winter yet say health experts. 

The Guardian 2016

NHS Overwhelmed in Britain leaving patients to wait. 

NYT Jan 2018

Flu and cold weather contributed towards 50,000 excess winter deaths last year.

Pulse Dec 2018.

Numerous other reports, it happens every year. They don't have the staff, the Nightingale Hospitals are being dismantled, a massive waste of money. And they ask us to save the NHS because they, the Governments past and present, have been running it down. 

Scare people to death so they are desperate for a vaccine, start jabbing people when it hasn't been properly tested. A vaccine that does not prevent you from catching it, all it does is limit the symptoms. Masks, social distancing, and hand washing is still recommended, and will be the norm for a long time.  

ER nurse tests positive for Covid 19, eight days after receiving vaccine. ABC 10 News.

Notes. A more honest perspective. Dr Gary Null Phd. 

This post is a follow up to my usual message of, look after yourself because nobody else will. It is better to glean information from many different sources, than to put all your faith into one source. If you follow the long straight road ahead, not taking any diversions, you will eventually fall off the edge.   

That's it. All opinions welcome except offensive name calling, and trouble makers looking for a verbal punch up. Trolls will be deleted as usual. I will not be drawn into any discussions. I've said my piece here. 

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.  Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Well its tier 4 again. No idea when this will end. Expect it will be when the vaccine has been made mandatory for everyone. With the promise that 'everything will be back to normal by spring'lies and more lies. Plandemic

  2. It feels like every man for his self now,with no one to help us.My grandson is still waiting to go into hospital to have a lump removed from his neck.The doctor put it down as Urgent last January.Now that doctor seems to have vanished off the face of the earth.We have gone into Tier 4 today in Leicester...not that it makes any difference to us.We have done what they asked since March,mask,hand washing and distancing from others.The only time we leave the house,is for the very rare food shop and to see my Mam each day because she needs help as she is disabled.I wear a mask when I go out of my house,every time and cross the road if others are coming in my direction.I cannot take any risk,because I would never forgive my self if I caught the virus and passed it on to my Mam who is 87.I do think it is harder living in a city than what it is in the country side.I am terrified of having the jab though.I dont want it because I dont know what it is they are injecting in to me.I would be paranoid and worry my self to death!!,xx

  3. Hi,Ilona,I didn't follow all the links in the post,but re.the error nurse coming down with covid 6 days after being vaccinated,as the incubation period for covid is 7 to 10 days the chances are the nurse had already picked up the infection a few days before having the vaccine.

  4. I know people that work in our local hospital here in the states and they have told me about all the people that died from covid-19 and how horrible a death it is when you can't breathe and put on ventilators. I know people who have gotten it and have had long-term effects so far. It doesn't seem to ever leave the body completely once you get it. Especially the heart problems it causes and heart attacks. Worse than flu where I live. I do agree that we probably aren't getting the whole story from governments because we never do do we? Stay safe Warm & Cozy.

    1. This is so true. So much coverage is given to death rates but the rs eal story is the people that survive. Survive being intubated and you have months of rehabilitation ahead. Survive with mild symptoms but might have months ahead of chronic fatigue syndrom type symptoms.

      This is not a respiratory illness like flu.Its a coronavirus. It attacks all systems. bless all . stay safe xx

  5. My sister in law currently has covid. She is really poorly with it and in hospital. She is 53, she is struggling to breath and in pain down her side. She actually had said that if someone asked her if she wanted to die now, she would say yes. She is making slow progress but its hopeful she will be able to go home within the next couple of days.
    I think covid is different to flu as we can vaccinate the vulnerable against flu and that's what should hopefully change our future now we have a vaccine for covid.

    Just an observation on the link to Dr Gary Null, his Dr (PhD) qualification is not in anyway related to the subject matter.
    Far better to read peer reviewed articles.

  6. Covid19 isn't like flu. Usually people who are treated in icu because of influenza are there from 2 to 4 days. With Covid? More like 2 to 4 weeks. Maybe fewer people need icu when sick with covid19, but they need it much much longer, and therefore hospitals are actually really over their capacity. Not all hospitals are full, but many are.
    I've been working with several major hospitals, doctors, researchers etc, and none of them think covid19 is easily treated or minor sickness. They have been really worried all the time, and it makes me very sceptical to any downplaying of this disease. My next to next door neighbour, my uncle, got Covid while working in the hospital (in ward where they treat covid patients). He was't very sick, but his wife ( who also works there in the same ward and got the infection first) was much much more ill. My uncle is never sick... it doesn' mean anything statistically, but it just brings this closer to me.
    So, if vaccine prevents at least some people to get the most severe symptoms, it will ease the burden of hospitals.
    Around here there is very few influenza cases, even among people with no flu vaccination. Keeping social distance, washing hands and wearing masks are suprisingly effective.
    But vaccines are NEVER 100% effective. Someone will get sick even if they are vaccinated. I know someone who has had chickenpox five times. FIVE times. She got vaccination, and blood tests show she just doesn't product any antibodies against chicken pox. It is normal, but rare.
    In the nineties there was an outbreak of bird flu. I was working in health ministry and I remember how worried all medically educated people were - I've got tehcnical education and at that point I had only vague idea of contagious diseases. I had chicken pox when I was in my twenties and that's it.
    But Covid19 isn't end of the world. There will be much more dangerous viruses which will kill millions, and they will not be the end of the world. This is just a rehearsal, and not even a dress rehearsal. More like the first read through.

  7. Los Angeles County (California, USA) - County Health Department: Flu deaths 62 in 2019-2020 / 126 in 2018-19. Covid 19 deaths to date: 9,782.

  8. It's all so much and not knowing what information is reliable is quite honestly depressing. It's been a long time since I trusted our government here in the U.S. so it's nothing new for me to do my own research. Although I may be fairly high up on the list to receive the vaccine (70 years old with an autoimmune disease) quite frankly I will not opt to receive it too soon and neither will my OH or family. I'll continue to stay at home and not really venture out. I have my OH here - we do pick up grocery orders. I have children nearby who also don't venture out but work at home. I will wear mask and gloves when I do go out. I feel comfortable with my choices and don't feel like I put anyone in danger.
    It will be good to see the long-term effects of these vaccines; I hope for the best.

  9. Have you seen the Debbie hicks Gloucester hospital video on twitter, it looks empty and now the lady has been arrested for a public order offence. Not sure what to make of that. I don’t think you are supposed to film inside the hospital but it looked quiet outside too. I think maybe when they say hospitals are almost overwhelmed what they are actually saying is the few people we have trained in ventilators and covid care are very stressed in a small area of the hospital no one can see to stop infection spread, but it’s hard to see the rest of the hospital so empty of people and doctors especially when I’m waiting to see a specialist about a painful ear problem and the weeks are just going by and no appointment date is forthcoming and even if I get one it will probably be for weeks in the future after I hear and that’s a bit depressing for me tbh.

    1. She went into outpatients after they had closed for the day, so, obviously the waiting area looked empty. Nobody is allowed into inpatients areas

      I was in outpatients a month ago and it was very busy

  10. Also Gloucestershire where I live has been doing tier 3 for a few weeks and now it’s been out up to tier 4. Is this not a blatant sign that having tiers isn’t working? Just closing a few more shops and banning me from leaving or entering my new tier 4 isn’t going to sort this, it’s just frustrating and sad. I now can’t buy anything from the charity shops again only full price essential outlets or online which I don’t do due to repeated stress and frauds with my cards. I want to go for a walk on the beach but it’s just outside my tier so that’s out and arghhhhh....

  11. Flu cases are down here because so many people got the flu vaccine this year and because wearing masks, social distancing (especially when ill and spreading it at the office) and frequent hand washing mitigates transmission so I imagine it would be much the same in the UK.

    A nurse may very well have become infected 8 days after receiving the vaccine because it takes at least 10 days before the body manufactures any sort of protection and an individual is not fully protected until about a week after the second dose so I'm not quite sure what point is being made...

    I want to ask - and this is a genuine question not someone having a go at you.... Why do those who think this is a hoax or greatly exaggerated think that govt., banks, doctors and nurses all around the world would a) do this and b) how have they all agreed to this when they can't agree on so many other things??? It just truly puzzles me. Destroying economies benefits so few - and a world-wide conspiracy - really - why and how?

    Pandemics have been happening since humans first started living together - we'd been warned for years that one this bad was bound to happen and sooner rather than later so anyone who said this was completely unexpected just wasn't paying attention. I heard the reports out of China in December and started preparing as best I could right then and there just in case this was the bad one!

    You are very careful about your health in so many other ways Ilona - eating lots of fruit & veg, exercising - going to the dentist - relying on doctors when you were ill with cancer for your treatment - why are you so suspicious of them now?

    Again, I'm just truly curious.

  12. We receive conflicting reports, one from the federal government another from the provincial government. Which one to you believe. Our hospitals are doing OK in the city where I live, others not so much.
    The regular flu is not happening as it has done in the past, because, people are wearing masks and using hand sanitizer. They are not gathering in groups either, cant say for everyone but the majority are following all of the precautions.
    I am getting very tired of this virus, but it is what it is and there is nothing we can do about it, only hope the vaccine does what it is suppose to do.
    Hugs, Take care,

  13. Boy! That one poked the Hornets nest!

    8 days after a vaccine is not enough time to build up immunity..she may have been infected BEFORE she got her first shot. And she does need a second. I will continue to wear a mask after I get both shots.. The increased numbers in Covid is due to ********************

  15. Vaccines don't prevent you from getting viruses. They train the immune system how to respond to the virus so when you get it you can fight it off before it reproduces in your body enough to cause symptoms. No vaccine has 100% efficacy either.

    We still don't know if vaccinated individuals will be able to infect others if they get the virus. This isn't because the vaccines aren't properly researched but because there is no ethical way to trial deliberately testing if one individual can infect another individual with a virus. Only time will tell so social distancing etc must stay until enough of the population are vaccinated.

    UK deaths are about 50,000 higher than the five year average. Hospitals had resumed near normal services until this week when only a few are reporting having to cancel some procedures due to a lack of ICU beds should something go wrong. Yes, every winter our poor under funded NHS struggles which is even more reason to slow the spread of a novel virus that is more contagious and deadly than the flu.

  16. Hi Ilona, I have been reading your blog for a while and haven't commented before but feel I must. My sister was admitted to hospital with covid symptoms on 1st May. She texted neg but deteriorated quickly over a week. We couldn't visit and was too unwell to speak on the phone. On the 8th day she was moved into a side room and and we were told if we wanted to see her to go then. I sat with my brother and held her hand for 8 hours, she had an horrendous death.I have sat with other family members and this was completed different and still keep picturing it in my mind. She was 65 and a retired NHS nurse/midwife and deserved her retirement. Only 10 people allowed at her funeral. If the covid vaccine only reduces the severity of illness then bring it on.
    I have heard talk that some of the quieter hospitals are going to take patients from the overstretched Southern hospitals but don't know if that's true.

  17. My daughter is a doctor cardiology registrar There are now 500 with covid in her hospital she was asked to help on covid ward but she is training in cardiology and has a toddler and clinically vulnerable dad at home so is staying where she is. The fault of this covid spreading is the Johnson Tory government not locking down fast enough nor using effective test and race. And wasting billions on PPE and Test and Trace on their mates cronyism Tory supporters which did not deliver. Should have taken up contracts to local health authorities who know what they are doing. Other countries have fared much better we are along with USA the worst for covid deaths. At least now we have a vaccine hope things get better now.

  18. Not getting the vaccine as a)I don't trust the mRNA technology and b) I have a history of anaphylaxis related to chemical additives and medications. I think everyone will have to address this in their own way - maybe there are no "right" answers - we don't know yet. I'm happy to wear a mask when shopping if it makes people feel more secure around me. Wearing it while out walking on a non crowded street is IMO overkill, though. I like your commonsense approach, Ilona. I'm 65 with an indolent lymphoma, and try to keep my weight normal and take vit D all year round as I'm always low when tested. Wishing everyone a safe New Year - Ger in Ireland.

  19. Good post interesting points as usual, not looked at the links yet but when a surgeon in a UK hospital has said that the new strain is propaganda, then it makes you wonder and yes before anyone starts, had a relative who died earlier this year but old and had a stroke previously. Will I be having the vaccine, mid 50's with health issues, not decided yet. Happy New Year! Jo

  20. This Covid Pandemic is real. The whole world of governments wouldn't be able to stop fighting and bickering to come up with such a hoax or control programme.
    Medical professionals the world over are also not part of a conspiracy, non of us are that good.
    The flu rates are down a lot because more people are taking the flu vaccine than ever before. More people are taking precautions like frequent hand washing, wearing of masks, avoiding people.
    It can affect people in a very mild way or to the extreme of killing people. It really isn't a nice illness if it takes you down. It can be like drowning from the inside out.
    If you don't want to believe in Covid that's fine by me. But stop mocking the people suffering and dying from Covid.

  21. Just watched Professor Hugh Montgomery on tv, he looks exhausted. He described what's it's like in ICU, what the nurses are going through, he couldn't understand why people were disbelieving what this pandemic is doing to people.
    He also explained how this is very different to flu, how it's a whole body disease, how it affects all the organs of the body, that flu is very much a respiratory illness and how different covid is.

    Perhaps worth a look for balance?

  22. My life hasn't changed much at all, I go out walking whenever I choose, I do the weekly shop (I wear a mask for that, just out of courtesy to other shoppers) I chat to my family, my neighbours and everyone else, we do keep our distance but there's no way we're going to hide away. Our 'non-essential' shops are closed at the minute and I absolutely loath supermarket shopping at the best of times so I get that done as quickly as possible and then I can get on with things I actually enjoy,I have loads of hobbies and interests. I don't know anyone who's even been ill through this 'pandemic', let alone died of it, and none of my friends or family have heard of anyone, either. I don't have vaccines, I've had all the childhood illnesses with no problems, now and then I get a cold, I've only had flu once, and that was about twenty years ago and I just stayed under the duvet for a week or two. The only time I've been in hospital was to have my two kids. I refuse to be scared of this 'virus', I'm 63 and in good health, my husband is 67 and we spend a lot of time on our allotment growing our fresh, organic food. I do believe that fresh air, exercise, sunshine, a good diet, laughter and a happy, positive attitude are the best medicine. I will continue to live my life as I choose. Isolation and fear destroy the immune system so they aren't welcome in my world. I could have wasted this whole year being afraid, but my time is to valuable for that. Xxx

  23. Like BCG vaccine, which nowadays has three or four different ones, and is still in use because it's benefit is sronger than not being vaccinated, with COVID 19, is the my humble oppinion, too soon for me to take it. Anyway, I won't have the chance to receive it, in several months. Covid kills, I lost some friends, I have no longer any ancestors, my mom, died three and half yeas ago. Many friends, lost their parents, or oncles/aunts, they vanished with this terrible pandemic. It's the first in Europe, since the great flu, I believe known as spanish flu, later, others terrible desiases happened, all due to animal consumption. That is the point, we all have to stop eating dead animals.I consider "liz", "Kathryn" and "Margie from Toronto", good points of view. I think alike. We all have to learn to live in a new world, taking care, wearing masks, washing our hands. Ebola or Aids, were there, H1N1 also,( chicken flu) will see that all is related with animals or promiscuity. So, let's live our lives, taking care and changing our way of living, of eating and I believe 2021, will just be another year of our lives. Remember, many of those who didn't believe in the pandemic, that laughed from masks and washing hands, that continued to trevel and so on, were those that died or the ones that caused the deads of their parents in care homes. I was vaccinated for BCG late, I was in high school, it was part of the vaccination plan. Against Covid, I'll wait for the other vaccine, with the Covid genoma innactive in it, that gives you strenght to fight the virus, but no vaccine has one hundred percent efficacity. I take the opportunity to wish all that make part of this group, Ilona's readers, a good 2021, full of love and hope.

  24. I tend to agree with gena.there is a ton of evidence to suggest that if we didn't kill and eat animals we would all be healthier and diseases wouldn't spread.our selfish human way of treating animals terribly is catching up with us now.nateral plant based food would be a way forward for the whole world.there is a lot to be said for living very simply taking care of the planner and not being selfish humans.a sincere happy new year to Ilona and her readers with hope for a better year aheadx

  25. Vaccines are not always successful. Last year's flu vaccine was only 40% - 60% effective, BCG 60% - 80% effective, pneumonia vaccine only effective for some strains etc. A child I fostered who was fully vaccinated caught measles and it affected her spleen. I do believe in vaccination but people need to know they don't work for everyone or for every strain of every disease.
    I'm still undecided about the covid vaccine as I'm watching what side effects come to light and how effective it really is. But I know Covid killed my sister's BIL so perhaps I should take it when offered.

  26. I'm an essential health worker for the elderly part-time in Oregon, USA. Our state is pretty compliant & our governor listens to the scientists, unlike the Federal level!! For the holidays this year, I gave several older girlfriends like myself, clear plastic face shields to augment the masks. I suspect that we won't see most of the population get both their shots until about the fall & then we'll have to see if it makes any great difference when the 2021 winter comes.
    Hopefully all medical things will go well & then we can concentrate on the economic recovery!! It's like going through the Spanish Flu of my grandparents & the Depression of my parents at the same time. I only hope that we won't have warring conditions like WWII on top of everything that the climate worsening will bring about...
    Best wishes in the new year to all the readers here, KMC.

  27. I won't have the vaccine, that's my decision and I respect the decision of others to have it. I am very wary of the genetic material used in it and the long term effect on the immune system. However I am doing every thing to boost my own immune system, sunlight, diet etc. I'm still watching Dr Vernon Coleman now on BrandNewTube (YouTube continually deletes his videos as they don't conform to the "status quo"). I worry that when we are officially "OK" the lockdown powers given to the police will not be rescinded, then the true "pandemic" will begin.

    Linda x


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