Saturday, 16 January 2021

Jog on.

Here's a fun video. I hope you like it. 
I went for a local walk this afternoon. I half expected it to be white over this morning, because it started snowing last night, but no, when I got up it was raining. Then it stopped and the sun came out. By the time I was ready to go for a walk mid afternoon  the weather had turned cloudy.
The view of the river yesterday, disappeared in the mist. 
The river today. 
I was rather hoping there would be a nice sunset, but nope, not lucky.
Have a good weekend everybody. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. You have a nice weekend too!!!!

  2. loved the jogging you always make me smile, its lovely to read your blogs xx

  3. Hi Ilona we are still waiting for snow here in South Devon. Loved your video. Went for a half hour walk on the beach yesterday with the dogs but it was very cold. Indoor jogging seems a good idea. Happy weekend xxx

  4. Ilona you are very funny to watch sometimes haha.i do look forward to seeing what your doing each the jogging round the house good for keeping warmx

  5. Well that has cheered me up already!.You must know by now that I love your videos!.You made me laugh,when you went jogging off camera..I didnt think you was coming back,lol.Your as crackers as me and Flis who also loves your blog!.Well it sounds as though my life is pretty much the same as yours at the moment.Walking,thinking,cleaning up after the cats..and Hubby,house work....although that is a bit hit and miss at this moment in time,lol,My grandaughter made me a lovely quiche and a cheese cake yesterday.She phoned to say that she was leaving it at the front door and as I watched her come to the house it made me cry because I wanted to hug her so much.xx

  6. Your video was fun! Love your colourful picture frame, looking forward to seeing how you finish it 😀😀

  7. Thank you for your comments. I appreciate them.


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