Wednesday, 20 January 2021


 Good morning. There are spies everywhere. Yesterday I replied to a comment, a reader mentioned that she would like to try metal detecting. Aha, I know just the man she needs to speak to, to help her choose her first machine. I used to work for Crawfords Metal Detectors. I used to sit at a bench and make the headphones that he used to sell. 

It was a nice job, local 1.5 miles away, I could walk to it. I had my own little corner in the warehouse, a bench with my tools laid out and a stock of components underneath. Everything I needed to make them up. I was left alone to get on with it, with the occasional request from the boss, can you make up ten Predators, or twenty extension leads. 

On checking a forum this morning, what did I see, a big banner across the top for Crawfords Metal Detectors. Craig is still in business, and doing very well. But, chuffin heck, you only have to mention something just once and the spy bots are on you like a ton of bricks. 

I should get the picture finished today, it's looking good. Will make a video.

Breakfast now. Catch ya later.   Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. There really are spies everywhere.
    If you have a smart phone it automatically listens to you talking about things and then targets you with related adverts. Just pick a subject e.g. holidays, cookers, DIY etc. Talk about it and next day see the adverts you get. This has been proved as true. You don't need to be talking on your phone it Just needs to be near you. Alexa also has people who listen in to 'monitor quality' so someone can hear you occasionally in your home.

  2. Yep, every aspect of our lives is being monitored these days. Click on any advert for a closer look and you end up being inundated with adverts from the company, even if you were only being nosey.

    Once a month and also yearly, I get my Google update of all the places I have visited, being spied on by the locator on my phone no doubt, as you can imagine it doesn't have a very long list for the past year. I used to think that was a good idea as it would prove my innocence if I was ever accused of something, then last month it told me I had been to Liverpool ... maybe my phone had a day out without me because I haven't been there for about 25 years!!

  3. Some years ago I was having e mail chats with a school friend who lives in the Midlands. She had some very expensive handbags and was telling me all about them. It amazed me that she would spend hundreds of pounds on them, and had several. I googled them and for months afterwards there were side ads for the darn things on the side of my screen!

  4. Look on the bright side Ilona. If we can't be bothered to type in the search engine we can just shout it loudly and the adverts start appearing!

    1. Do they? Never heard of that before.

    2. I really think they do!.We have spoke about things over the last couple of years...National Express buses,Holiday lets in Brighton..then suddenly they start appearing as ads on the internet.In fact this week my grandson was talking about buying a house in the county...suddenly on his phone he has houses for sale,near the area he mentioned and also on my laptop.We are being listened to and watched.Tonight I am going to say...very loudly...can yer hear me know what I mean Ilona!.Lets see what they make of that!xx

    3. It is a bit of a joke in our house that everything we talk about seems to appear in the adverts. Although it may be a coincidence it happens so often I doubt it! I was talking about getting Dad a hearing dog for the deaf when I was at his house. No internet searches done or anything. When I arrived home and went on facebook the first advert that came up was for Hearing Dogs For The Deaf! I had never seen one before!

    4. Thanks for explaining that. I have no one to joke with here, except my pussies. Dogs are very clever, they can do a lot of things that humans can't do.


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