Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Conflicting opinions.

Our leader speaks. 

Second in command, Matt Tweets......
I'm delighted to confirm we have met the target to offer a first vaccination to the 9 highest risk groups ahead of the 15 April deadline. Vaccines are safe, effective & have already saved over 10,000 lives - when it's your turn, come forward & get the jab
Confusing eh! 
I'm off outside. Going to play in the garden. Catch ya later.  ilona


  1. Ilona, Boris actually states in this video unearthed by Alex Belfield on Youtube that I.D. cards are a recipe for tyranny and oppression!! Unbelievable!

    Linda x

    1. Boris has lied throughout. Alex's video got 3339 comments.

      Russell Brand is another good one to watch. He has put out this video about Vaccine Passports. They are coming, there's no doubt about that. What I can't understand is people are willing to hand over their lives to the Government. They comply without question. It is frightening.
      This video has had over 1 million views, with 23,871 comments.

  2. It's not confusing at all Ilona.

    48% of the population, the highest risk groups, have had at least one vaccine. Of the other 52% some, like myself at 47, are still at some risk of serious illness or death.

    Social distancing measures have brought cases down from the highs of January not under half the population having vaccines.

    Social distancing needs to remain to protect people like me, or pregnant women, until a much greater proportion have been vaccinated. This is only months away. It is only a few months away until all restrictions are planned to be lifted.

    I don't agree with Covid status certificates for everyday things like shops and pubs. For pre planned large events like going to a stadium or a festival maybe. You can take a test a few days before. I know they are not 100% accurate but you would be doing your part to reduce the risks for say a pregnant woman or the small percent of people who have had a vaccine but it hasn't worked to produce a strong enough immune system response.

    There is quite a lot of political opposition to the idea of passports or the idea that it must be put into the law that they are time limited. Not to mention the fact we know this government will give huge sums of taxpayers money to the private sector to implement it.

    Email your MP with your views. They are there to represent you

    1. To address a few points. I have emailed my local MP, several times, and hit a blank wall. One of his responses was, 'utter rubbish'. I will keep trying. MP's in the main are looking after their own jobs. They don't want to put their neck on the line.

      You are still thinking about this situation as a solution to a pandemic. It is no longer a pandemic, it has moved on now to the next stage. Vaccine/health passports are the next step, they said they wouldn't bring them in, but they are.

      The Government are on target to batter down our survival spirits by introducing draconian laws which effectively imprison us, in our homes, within our county boundaries, and within our own island. Lying down and taking it all puts us in a very vulnerable situation.

      Personal responsibility should be the driving force, but so many are happy to hand that over to someone else.

    2. I understand your cynicism towards MPs. I feel it to. They are generally self serving and will vote along party lines anyway but it's important for us to try to hold them accountable and remind them of their responsibility to represent and serve us.

      I do agree with you that the pandemic shouldn't be used as an excuse to permanently reduce our rights. I agree with 'Kill the Bill'. The current laws around demonstrations are perfectly adequate and I see no threat to society. If a demonstration turns into a riot there are already laws to deal with the illegal elements. They do not need to introduce further laws.

      Let's support the young people who want to challenge the government to be heard.

    3. You cannot use the system to beat the system. If you think we can vote (or write to our MPs) to get us out of this mess then you will carry on going round in circles.

      The pandemic WILL be used as an excuse to reduce our rights. Problem-Reaction-Solution is a technique used by those in power to force through the changes they wanted in the first place under the guise of 'public safety'.

      Boris has already stated that it is lockdowns that have reduced cases/deaths etc, not vaccines. This is so they can carry on justifying implementing them whenever they fancy it, like the inevitable one we'll get in autumn/winter. This is all to meet the climate change goals of Agenda 2030. If despite all the evidence in front of people, they STILL cant see it, then they are being wilfully ignorant at this point.

      The only way to beat the system is to not participate in their rules.

      How people are still clinging on to the freedom they think they will get at this point is beyond me. Life is never going back to what it was like in 2019. You can wear all the masks, social distance, get the vaccines you desire - if you think that means you'll get your life back you're going to be very disappointed.

    4. Alex, your comment is music to my ears. Thank you.

    5. It's good to debate different opinions but I am slightly tired of the assumption that I am ignorant. I am not. It IS lockdown not vaccines that have brought cases down. It is you twisting facts to fit your own narrative.

      I think the loss of freedom you perceive is vastly exaggerated. I do have concerns about about certain measures the government seem to want to implement but have not read one single thing that points to a global reset.

      The explosive NHS workers story has so many holes in it that it can't possibly be taken as credible. A quick Google will find the PIL. PEG is found in greater quantities in laxatives and I can find no medical concerns about its use whatsoever except the awareness that some people may be allergic hence not recommended for them. Clinical stage 3 trials for Pfizer vaccine ended in November. We are not in a trial. So on balance I have to dismiss her opinions. Find me a more credible source and I'll listen.

      You will find 'evidence' to support what you think and I can provide the 'evidence' to counter your argument. That's fine. People have different opinions but please don't call me ignorant because I have reached a different conclusion to you.

    6. liz, I don't see the word ignorant anywhere. You can believe what you want to believe. I am not going to get into a massive debate with you, I haven't got time. I am providing links on my Research page, people can look or not look.

    7. I was replying to Alex, not you Ilona, who did use the word ignorant. I have respect for your views Ilona and you have always shown respect for my views. It was some of Alex's words I found a bit personal.

    8. Liz: Both of the vaccines currently in use had trial end dates of 2023. All reference to this seems to have been removed form the internet now though, although it still states that it is authorised for temporary supply and does not have marketing authorisation. The companies are not liable for any injuries resulting from the product. The loss of freedoms may not have impacted everyone badly up until now. By the end of this year, I think they will be horrified. Take a look at 'BRAVE REPORTER GOES OFF SCRIPT ON AIR'. This is just one of many people that have been and are still speaking out. I have no doubt many more will try and get their voice heard in the near future.

    9. Liz: Also, if it is lockdowns, not vaccines that have brought cases down, why is hte Govt pushing vaccines so hard and do we stay locked down for ever? This is not an argument with you. It is vitally important that we all stand together and not be divided.

    10. They are pushing vaccines because we can't stay in lockdown. Without vaccines if we open everything up cases will just rocket again. It would be a never ending cycle of locking down, getting cases down, opening up, cases going up, locking down again. No where near enough people have antibodies from having the virus for anything else to happen. As more people get vaccinated more is able to open.

      I have exercised my right to partake in non essential activities. Ok, I only went to a charity shop but for me that's getting back to normal. My daughter is back at the gym which is great for her mental health.

      I will definitely stand together against any permanent changes to our liberties but the temporary ones we have had so far I view as reasonable because I believe the virus is a very real risk to public health. From the virus itself and other illnesses worsening due to our health service being stretched too far from an influx of extra patients.

    11. liz, you are failing to grasp the full implications of what is going on. People now think that wearing masks is normal. I see elderly people walking about in my village, they are not in good health, yet their mouths are covered. They are in the open air when there is no one near them. Some people will cling to their masks forever.

      The temporary changes as you call them will be made permanent. Then what are you going to do. You seem to be grateful for whatever the Government allow us to do. It's a slippery slope. Give up our freedoms now and we will never get them back.

    12. I'm not grateful to the government. You have probably picked up I am no fan of the Tories. I just happen to think the lockdown followed by gradual reopening is the correct response to a pandemic. Our differences are you don't believe the virus is a very real threat but I do. I know 3 people who died of Covid. Most certainly not with it. Using life expectancy 2 lives were cut short by 10 years and one by 40. Are their lives not worth protecting?

      People wear masks because they don't want to be the one whose life is cut short. They will abandon them when vaccines make Covid comparable to flu.

      They are going to permanently close leisure facilities? Don't see that. Permanently keep us to socialising with a maximum of 6 people? Don't see that either. I don't agree with Covid passports as I have previously said.

      People like me have given up their freedoms to protect others. We most certainly won't be happy to keep relinquishing them without very good evidence that the virus is still a threat to public health.

      The big question is why people don't believe the virus is a real threat. There is a reason China built a whole new hospital in a matter of days.

      We are not sheep being conditioned but responsible people reacting to a real virus.

      The changes are temporary. They need to go to vote in Parliament to make them permanent. Then Labour, Libs, SNP and probably even right wing media will be very vocal about it.

  3. Note to Traveller. Your comments will not be published, ever, so do yourself a favour and stop wasting your time.

  4. Watching this it just looks to me like it's being made up as he goes along.trying to pluck things out of the air him saying it's not vaccines making a diffencecmake up your mind Boris all this bumbling talk I be yet to hear something clearly said that he actually has the true facts on.and all this talk from him three times I've seen him going on about wanting to drink in pubs and getting his hair cut.if that's all they've got to worry about there lucky.so many lies told and backtracking it to confusing for words x

    1. Watching UK Column. It begins with an NHS whistleblower. Explosive. I will put a link up later.

  5. There has been an increase recently in the purchase of non-smartphones. I wonder why!

    1. Glad to hear that. Thank you for your comment.

  6. 'Government WILL try to make Covid vaccines COMPULSORY for care home staff, Matt Hancock confirms'. No prizes for guessing where this is leading.

  7. Hepatitis B vaccines are compulsory for NHS staff in contact with patients. Where is that leading?

    It's long been accepted that if you want to work in health care you have a duty to protect your charges in this way. You are reading something into it that simply isn't there.

  8. Liz: You can still get Covid and can still pass it on, vaccinated or not. What they are saying is that it will stop the vaccinated person being so ill, so what difference will it make to protecting their charges? As to 'where is that leading'? In a short while you will see that this law will be rolled out to other industries and then to everyone.

  9. Some residents in care homes will not be able to have a vaccine others will be in the small percent that the vaccine doesn't work to stop serious illness or death. It's to protect them especially as they are high risk due to age. The scientific data isn't there yet but there are encouraging signs that having the vaccine does result in the individual being less likely to infect others if they have the virus.

    People aren't going to be forced to have a vaccine. It's already being said if it were to happen it would probably only apply to new applications as mandating for people currently with an employment contract would break existing laws. You have a free choice to have a vaccine and apply for a job in a care home or apply for a job elsewhere.

    As much as I distrust Tories I find it a leap too far that they would introduce laws making vaccines compulsory. The fall out would be huge. They would lose droves of their voters. The raging Daily Mail Tory commentators don't like attacks on their freedom.

    Vaccine take up is extremely high in the UK so there is no reason for them to to want to mandate outside of specific healthcare settings.

  10. Just to add, if there was ever a motion to make vaccines compulsory, I would fight that. The state has no right to dictate an individual's medical decisions. I think most people think that. Putting that message out there and keeping the newspaper owners and shareholders from controlling the narrative is the problem. Here we diverge though. I don't trust any YouTube news channel. I'll stick with The Guardian and Channel 4


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