Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Video from yesterday

Hello. I'm going to sneak this little video in here. Only eight minutes of my waffling. Yesterday there was hardly any wind at all, so I couldn't resist a mini chat to take advantage of that.  
Today I have been tidying in the garden. Must keep on top of it so it doesn't turn into a wilderness. Pulling a few weeds up here and there, trimming the straggly tops off the hedges, and watering the pots and flower beds. It all helps. 
I took my books back to the mobile library, this is the first time Stan has been in the village in several weeks. I think I have lost a book, searched everywhere. He tells me I should have returned three books, but I could only find two. Oh well, will have to look again. 
A lovely sunny day again, let's have more of these. Thanks for popping in. Catch ya tomorrow. Toodle pip.   ilona aka Meanqueen. 


  1. Pity Chrome isn’t over here, he’d be able to help.I love that man, lol

  2. Hello Ilona enjoyed your little chat on the bench.fancy you were in superscrimper TV show.i totally loved that programs and would look forward to it every week.no one would interior me while it was on TV haha.those were good shows.i knew I'd seen you somewhere before lol yes and you have given some great no nonsense superscrimper videos for us to watch too.if everyone stopped wasting things would be so much better for all and more cash to spend on things they really needx

  3. Hi Ilona, it's nice to be able to spend time in the garden again. We had a bit of a frost this morning but it warmed up lovely later on and I had lunch on the patio. Big grey clouds now, looks like rain! The weather is very changeable at the moment! Ps - it's Liz from Wales under a new account. 🙂

  4. Oh Ilona I love watching your vlogs. It's such a relief listening to your common sense. Especially as the world we live in is a bit mad at present You seem to live your life so simply, of which of course is so wisely. Please never stop sharing it with us. x

  5. Oh please never stop churning out your videos...I love them!.You did make me laugh with that bee,lol.A couple of weeks ago,I came downstairs in the morning and could hear very loud buzzing.I thought that a bluebottle had got in...but it turned out to be a massive bee,hovering behind me.I opened the back door and it flew straight out.They never bother me in the garden,because I know that they are just interested in the lavender but in the kitchen unnerved me a bit,lol.I think that you should call your videos,Words of Wisdom from a Bench..or a laptop chair!.Well here in Leicester,it is another lovely sunny day so I am going to get out in the garden and do a bit more.Im thinking of planting my sunflower seeds,that I kept from the ones that had died last year.It is amazing just how many seeds are left in a dead sunflower!Because I have so many,I am going to put some on my in my Mams tiny front garden so they are a surprise for her when they grow!xx


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