Sunday, 16 May 2021

Light-painting photography tutorial.

Good evening. I have recently come across something called light painting, and it's fascinating. Patrick featured it in one of his videos where he is exploring in a tunnel and twirled a piece of burning steel wool around in a circle. You set the camera up on a tripod, with a slow shutter speed, the result is stunning. 
Another light painting video came up on my sidebar so I had to have a look. Now I am hooked. Eric and Kim have made lots of videos, they are fantastic. Here they show how the technique is done. They use a variety of locations, the pictures taken when they are near water are best because of the reflections. Have a look at this. Eric shows the moves in the daylight so you can see how simple it is. All he does is wave a light stick about while Kim holds the pose very still. The pictures are usually shot at dusk or in the dark. Who would have thought that you can paint a picture with a light tube. 
Here is a useful web site if you fancy having a go. Lots of tips and tricks. 
I've had a nice day, it's been sunny. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip. 


  1. I tried that a few years back and it was fun. Not as easy as you'd think though.

    1. I think it would need some practice. Worth it though as the results can be amazing.


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