Friday, 14 May 2021

New direction

 Good Morning. As a Creator for Yooootoooob, I get monthly newsletters with how my channel is performing, with hints and tips for growing my audience. Last month I got 33 new subscribers, total views of 22.2k, and 139.5k of minutes watched. Not that this means very much to me, I do it as a hobby. In fact the smaller the audience the fewer comments I get, the less time I have to spend moderating and replying. Some yooootooobers reply to hardly any comments because they get thousands of them on each video they release. Impossible to keep track of it all. 

I don't mind that my videos are not polished, I don't have the time to spend hours editing them. There are some mighty impressive videos out there, which are just as good quality, sometimes better, than the documentary programmes put out on main stream television. 

Anyway, I'm rambling again and have gone off the main subject of this post. In the Newsletter this morning, one of the topics is, 'Celebrating Earth Day all Year Long'. I think we all know what Earth Day is, it happens once a year, it pushes Green issues, sustainability and suchlike. 

Yoootooob say that in honor of Earth Day, check out our curated playlists featuring Creators who have been working overtime to make our planet a little more green. I click on the link to check out this playlist. 

Here are some of the titles. 

SUSTAINABLE BEAUTY BRANDS that you should know. Eco conscious brands to support. 

SUSTAINABLE LIFE HACKS, Tips to start low waste living.

ZERO WASTE AND HOBBIES. Tips for sustainable painting, gaming, and exercising. 

BRANDS YOU SHOULD SUPPORT. Sustainable and ethical clothing brands. 

16 PLASTIC FREE TIPS FOR BEGINNERS. How to be more sustainable in your daily life.

ARE ELECTRIC CARS, really better for the environment? 

THIS IS THE MILK that you should be drinking. 

Each one of these is an advertisement for tackling climate change. All good because we need to go in that direction. Can you see where this is going? We are being nudged, or should I say pushed towards saving the planet in small steps, in preparation to the big plan of forcing us to comply with new legislation. Boris has a ten point plan for a green industrial revolution, and he needs to get us all on board to make it work. The last paragraph of his report.

This marks the beginning of the UK’s path to net zero, with further plans to reduce emissions whilst creating jobs to follow over the next year in the run up to the international COP26 climate summit in Glasgow next year.

Getting people on board has worked well up to now, we have had plenty of practice over the last year and a half. All he has to do is keep up the momentum. The new normal may not be normal. 

This is not all Boris's plan of course, there are many more world leaders in on it. The driving force are those with the money, the richest people on earth. I shall be interested to see what comes next. 

A bit dull outside, a new idea for an art project, a dog walk later. Enjoy your day. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Hi Ilona, if you get a chance, and can find this to watch, it is a great movie that makes you think! Planet of the humans, Michael Moore is the executive producer. It shows the scams behind the green movement. While parts of it are controversial, it brings to light many problems with the green revolution in a nice concise and visual way. Runs about 90 minutes. I saw it on Amazon prime for free but it should be other places.
    Hilogene in Arizona.

    1. Thank you for that, I'll have a look. There are a lot of flaws in the green revolution. The idea is to provide lots of jobs for those people who have lost their businesses and jobs, decimated by the lockdowns. The plan is to retrain. They have to offer some hope.

  2. Number 9 on the 10 point plan is: Nature: Protecting and restoring our natural environment, planting 30,000 hectares of trees every year, whilst creating and retaining thousands of jobs. However, where I live, huge swathes of woodland are being destroyed to build massive housing estates. All the villages will be joined up in the very near future. The local doctors surgery said they were unable to cope with extra people three years ago and, since then, the house building has escalated alarmingly.

    1. You make some good points. We have got one of those new build estates going up near here. I think the Government departments are not talking to each other. Look at all the destruction caused by bulldozing the land for a high speed railway line. Some of the plans are pie in the sky, they look good on paper.

    2. There is a huge build happening in our small town, used to be a village. Locals protested against it and the local council rejected the plans. The builders took it to a higher body, that had no idea about the local area and the problems with flooding and traffic issues, and the plans got passed.

    3. The area that I live in is prone to floods. A field right next to me has ducks swimming on the water during the rainy months and the road that runs alongside it is flooded. It's hard to believe that this field has now been taped off and will soon me concreted over for a housing estate. They plan to raise the level of the ground to stop the estate flooding, which means that the existing houses will be at a lower level and will obviously get flooded. The Govt have just loosened the rules on planning, making it easier for developers to build.

  3. Shut down every single MacDonalds and hey presto instant climate improvement

    1. Oh I sincerely wish they would. Less litter as well.


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