Friday, 21 May 2021

Sheep . . . . . .

There are a lot of sheep in them there hills, and in the villages as well. Great for keeping the grass verges neatly trimmed, but beware when walking about, don't step into the little brown pellets they leave everywhere. They have been know to wander into people's gardens, if they find a gate left open. 
There are warning signs everywhere to drive carefully, sheep have the right of way. If they want to wander about in the road, they will, but they are clever enough not to try crossing a cattle grid. This is the end of the line for these sheep, they can go no further, so they turn round and go back. 
They have masses of space on the lush green hills. As I walk by the baa baa ing becomes louder as they warn each other of a stranger passing. 
The zoom means I can photograph them from a distance, without disturbing them. They are often quite nervous and run away when approached. 
The rocks are a playground for them, the trees make a cool shelter from the sun. 
Strolling around seems a pleasurable pastime. 
There are a few cows about as well. This group came over to have a look at me, then decided not to come closer because the grass was more appealing, so they stopped for lunch. 
I sat on a bench high up above Grosmont. I wondered if the zoom would pick up the cows in the valley in the distance. 
When I walked past a farm I immediately attracted a posse of hens. Oh dear, I have nothing to offer them in the way of tasty treats. I felt guilty. 
What an idyllic way of life. I like to see animals moving around freely. 
More pictures to come of my camping trip to Goathland in North Yorkshire. 
Thanks for popping in. we'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Wonderful sheep, I am interested in them,nice views, greetings

  2. Beautiful photos and I also love seeing animals roaming freely.Although I would have been nervous walking through a field with cows in it!.I love the way you make every second of your day count.Your photos of the sheep remind me of travelling to Dovedale,when you are winding around the roads.I love beautiful areas like this.As soon as the weather clears up,me and Hubby are going to Bradgate Park...with our free bus passes,lol.It is a lovely park with miles of walks and beautiful views of the open country side.There are deer roaming wild there as well.xx

    1. I think the way to make every second of the day count is to have your eyes wide open and take notice of what is going on around you. Life passes you by if you are half asleep. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Wonderful place to be. So peaceful :)

  4. I didn´t have a Google account, so I could not comment for a long time, but I have always read your blog. Your photos are always lovely and interesting, and you gave me much food for thought. I also tried to keep up my walking, but I hope I will do better now that I can report at the end of the month again.
    Hilde in Germany

  5. We're in the Northern Highlands at the moment and we have a Sheep that keeps coming and bleating outside our window, we usher him down the lane to where the other sheep with the same markings are but before you know it - he's back again. And yes he's found a way of circumventing the cattle grid. Anyway we've called him Cedric and I've wrote a Poem about him!

    1. Sheep are thought to be a bit dim, some of them aren't. I like the idea of keeping a sheep as a pet.

    2. They are not as daft as they look and I agree I think they would make lovely pets. Back in Lincolnshire tomorrow, toodles, Marky.


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