Thursday, 27 May 2021

Steamy Yorkshire Mini Break with Andrew.

I had a nice surprise when I opened yoootooob tonight. A video from Andrew Ditton, the camper and caravan man, and he went to Yorkshire the week before I did. Howzabout that for a coincidence. He stayed in a hotel near Pickering and went on the train to Whitby. Dougal his doggy friend went as well. I spotted the same steam engine in his video that I saw at Grosmont. If you want a double dose of steam take a look at Andrew's video. 
Thanks for popping in. I will put more Yorkshire pics up tomorrow. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. That's GREAT meanqueen 👍☆♡ i LOVE going THERE heart beat country ,, grosmount WAS THE train station I got off to head to my b&b in Whitby.. u HAVE to wait till the gate let's YOU across @ grosmount 🚅🚄💨💨 ..u derserved a little break away ilona ❤👍💯 take care! #BEST #wishes - XXX

  2. Love watching Andrew especially when hes going back up home love the scenery

    1. Yes, Andrews videos are the beezkneez, very professional. I love it when he gets the drone flying. Aerial shots of the Scottish coastline are so exciting.

  3. Lovely video and lovely little dog too!xx


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