Friday, 25 June 2021

Beware low flying aircraft.

Some more pics from Tuesdays day out. I was walking through a corn field not far from Thorpe Salvin, when I heard a buzzing overhead. Aha, Netherthorpe Airfield is close by. 
Quick, take a picture. The camera is in a pouch around my waist, always at the ready. 
There it goes, into the distance. 
The track I was on came out on a road, so I walked towards the wind sock at the entrance to the airfield. I found a viewing area with a picnic bench. A good place to sit and eat my crisps and watch the little aircraft coming and going. I wouldn't mind going up in one of those. 

I've had a look at the web site, it costs £80 for a trial flight. Sheffield Aero Club offer lessons for those wanting to get a licence. This has to be booked in advance of course. 
I made a short video of an aircraft taking off, please excuse wobbles. 
It's been raining today so I have not been able to get outside and carry on with the garage project. I am getting on with the sewing. It keeps me busy. 
Have a nice weekend. Catch ya tomorrow. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Lovley pictures you have taken today Ilona so clear and crisp.i love the colourfull skirt your wearing today I was thinking only this morning I should wear a skirt for a change in the lovley sunshine.youvlook like you were really enjoying the walk in the corn field what a nice relaxing thing to do I much prefer a quiet walk in a field myself x

    1. loose fitting skirts that flap around the knees and lower legs give a new sense of freedom. No need to worry if if your bum is a bit big, just swirl the skirt. Makes it easier for peeing behind a hedge as well :-)

  2. I really like planes. I flew a light aircraft once, as well as a helicopter. I also flew (and landed) a glider. The past few Summers, I have watched a small plane overhead doing stunts (usually on a weekend). It goes up and then spirals downwards sharply. I would love to have a go at that, but it would have to be as a passenger of course (unless the pilot let me have a go!!!).

    1. I like any mode of transport. You have flown, wow, I'm impressed. I've been up in a glider, loved it. Helicopter over the Grand Canyon, loved it. Light aircraft over to Scilly, loved it. My brain would not cope with learning how to fly now. Maybe in my 30's I could have done it, but not now.

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    1. Thanks Briony. I cannot cope with the sun in my eyes. This is better than changing my specs for prescription sunglasses, which I have but hardly ever worn. I like the way I can put the visor on my head and forget about it.

  4. Some lovely photos and I love the little planes and you have been lucky to go up in some small planes.i was so pleased to work in the garden today.
    Hazel c uk🌈🌈

  5. I enjoyed your video. I want to be in your area this weekend as it is so hot this weekend....113 degrees F. on Sunday, 103 on Monday, ninties later in the week! Glad you had a good walk and I like your skirt and socks!! Cheerio my British blog friend.


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