Sunday, 13 June 2021

It gets a bit choppy.

Hello. I've just watched this new video from David of Cruising the Cut fame, while I had my lunch. It's very entertaining. He is on a boat, not his boat. There are two boats, and they are making the perilous journey from Boston in Lincolnshire, to Kings Lynn in Norfolk, across the sea. A narrowboat is meant to go on canals, and sometimes rivers, and occasionally they do venture further afield across large expanses of water. 
I won't tell you any more about it so it doesn't spoil the story, but if you have 27 minutes to spare, get yourself a cuppa and relax and enjoy it. David's videos are very polished and beautifully edited, unlike my bodge jobs, ha ha. 
I made a video this morning but I have a problem with transferring it from camera to computer. I think I need a new memory card reader. will look into that tomorrow. 
Logging off for the rest of the day. The sore foot is a lot better, I may attempt a walk this afternoon. 
Enjoy your Sunday.  Toodle pip.   ilona

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  1. Very interesting to watch.Although I dont think I would have been brave enough to go out to sea!.It was lovely seeing the seals,I always think that they have beautiful faces.Ive never seen Boston stump that close.Its usually in the distance when we have driven to Skegness.xx


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