Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Village community.

I'm coming towards the end of my June photo's now, time to open another folder for July. I'll post these while I think about it. I have driven past Austerfield twice now on my way to Misson and Shireoaks. The first time I saw this I didn't stop, but on the way back the second time I thought I had better take some pics.
The railings and gates of the cemetery are covered in crochet flowers. So pretty, and what a marvelous effort by the community to brighten up their village.   
They have attached a plastic mesh behind the railings and fastened the flowers onto that so they stay in place and don't slide down to the bottom. It must have taken several volunteers ages to fasten them all on. 

There is another telephone box mini library here as well, thought not as tidy as the other one. People have dumped bags of books onto the floor. The shelves are full. It needs a tidy up and a sort out. 
The garage man didn't come today, he got stuck in a hold up on the M62 motorway. The inspection is rescheduled for tomorrow. 
Don't forget, it's check in day tomorrow for the International Walking Group. How are you all doing? Let us know. We are at the halfway mark, are you ready for the next six months? Catch ya tomorrow. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. It must be lovely to live in a village like that.Those crochet flowers look beautiful.It is so nice when people take pride in the area where they live.Which is sadly lacking in a lot of places.xx

    1. I like the idea that it was done as a group project. They all beavered away in their homes and it all came together when they were put on display. It's along the lines of yarn bombing which I have seen in other places.

  2. The flowers on the railings are really beautiful.

    1. Yes, I thought so as well. The cemetery is on the main road through the village so it is a treat for everyone passing.


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