Tuesday, 20 July 2021

A doctors view.

This is what happens when people talk about the current situation. A dialogue is opened up and people come forward with information which might not have otherwise been noticed. The sharing of all information, not just that which is spouted from Main Stream Media, is important to give a balanced picture. Thank you to a dear reader who included a link to this in her comment on yesterdays post. 
Malmy Albin is the yoootooober who has posted this, Dr Carroll is the speaker. If you click on the yoootooob logo, then click on Malmy Albin, you will find three more videos which Dr Carroll has made. 
I see this one was published on the 30th of June 2021, it has had 908 views and 13 comments. Let's give it some more views and add a few more comments. 

Thank you for all the comments on yesterdays post. Amazingly I didn't have to delete any sarcasm, nit picking, and off topic abuse. 
I went a walk last night again, late, as the sun was going down. It relaxed my mind ready for sleep. Being in nature is a great comfort.
Another hot day, mustn't grumble. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip. 


  1. I'm convinced this virus will just run it's course with or without vaccination, lockdowns and masks.
    It's completely logical to me as if you shut people away from each other numbers contaminated will fall. If you open up societies again numbers will rise rapidly. Contact with infected people will increase those catching the virus.
    I'm not wearing a mask anymore as it hinders my breathing. I have a lung condition so masks make breathing difficult.
    I had both vaccines in the hope it will protect me but I'm only 50% convinced it will.
    My best friend won't have the vaccine and we respect each other's choice. Can't understand people abusing other's choices and friends and family alienated from each other because of this. Life is too short for enemies.

    1. Thank you, Ilona and Sally for making me feel a bit less sad about the situation today. I'm unable to get the vaccine due to an autoimmune disease. Some of my family have taken the vaccine and some haven't. We're all trying to be respectful and careful. A few nights ago my brother found out I had not taken the vaccine and immediately sent me scads of information, including a few near-death stories and a quantity of guilt. I responded that this choice had been made with consultations of two doctors and it my choice may change in the future. He won't respond to my texts or emails. Sorry, just a little rant but it does help to be able to hear differing points of view and medical input.

    2. My best friend is in the same situation. Her son and grandchildren don't bother about her anymore as she's not vaccinated. You're not alone with this happening.
      Hopefully people will all reconnect when this virus is very rare or eliminated.
      Hugs xxx

  2. America audits the causes of deaths attributed to covid:


  3. Confusion reins:


  4. If masks are too restrictive, what about face shields?? That has become my gifts of choice for older friends (about $32/6 vis son's premium Amazon acct & drop shipping)?

    1. Don't mention Amazon here, that is swearing.

  5. This is a worrying but interesting short clip about 'social credit' in China - the question is,'will this be enforced in the UK?'


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