Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Evening walk, chat on the bench

Here's a little video I made last night, and uploaded today. 
Another hot day today. I went to the mobile library for a chat with Stan, haven't seen him for ages. Things are still the same with the book borrowing malarkey. They have discussed letting people back on the van to choose their own books, and also continue with bagging up books ready for people to take away, as some of the readers have mentioned that they like that system now. Then they decided it won't work because the floor would be cluttered with bags of books. Not good for health and safety, people might trip up. Also they would have to fix up a plastic screen in front of the desk to protect Stan from customers breathing all over him. They have put that idea on hold for now. 
The Arts Centre in town have been tweeting about an exhibition that I would like to see. First they lay out all the rules for visitors attending. I found that very off putting so I tweeted them saying I wouldn't track and trace, didn't want to book a ticket, and I am exempt from wearing a cloth on my face. They sent a very nice tweet back, saying these are recommendations and not the law, and I would be most welcome. So that sounds promising. I will go in the middle of an afternoon, they said that is the quietest time. 
I thought I might go shopping tonight, I may, or may not, I can last another day. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Nice that you can see the exhibit. Someone called the masks "face diapers". Ha ha. Now I will watch your video.

  2. What a great area to be able to escape to.Although I have been jabbed twice,I do agree with what you say.It all depends on what your family situation is as well.Yes it is control...but I now feel that there is nothing that we,as members of the public can do!.I dont take any notice of Freedom days,promises that dont happen,telling us what is going to happen..because I know it can change in the blink of an eye.I will just keep on doing what what I have been doing since the start of all this and that is trying to keep as safe as possible.I dont listen to any news about it now because there is nothing I can do to alter it...it takes up too much brain space...and I think that is what they want.Trying to crack us all up.xx

  3. Love your colourful top Ilona. We all have to fight every day now for our freedom I'm with you all the way .


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