Friday, 16 July 2021

Bimbling around Langold Country Park.

 Is Blyth a town or a village? According to Wiki it is a village in the county of Nottinghamshire. It certainly has a very big church. I have found this with a lot of  villages. Small village, big church. In Blyth it has a prominent position close to a busy junction where four roads meet. 

I walked out of the village along a track. It was getting hot so I had to adjust my clothing, getting rid of the long sleeve top for a short sleeved t shirt. Good job there was nobody about as I stripped off. Plenty of wide open fields. I saw that there was a Country Park at Langold so that's where I headed.  
I entered the park after crossing the main A60 trunk road. There is a board with a map just there, so I headed off in the general direction of the lake. It's one of those parks with lots of little sign posts guiding you around the different walks, according to your abilities. You can choose a short easy stroll, or combine several walks exploring the woods. There is probably a leaflet somewhere to help with finding the way, but I didn't see any. I just took a guess at which path to take. 
Eventually I could see a car park through a clearing in the trees, and I could hear excited chatter from children at the playground. And there was the lake. I decided to walk around the perimeter, first passing about a hundred Canada Geese. 
It was a pleasant walk, lovely to see families with children taking advantage of the sunshine. I stopped to look for a nice scene to photograph, and immediately attracted a family of swans coming towards me. In anticipation of food probably. 
Oh dear, I'm sorry, but I don't have anything. I am going to eat my sandwich myself, and I'm not going to give you my choc chip muffin. 
From that spot I took this photo. 
A bit further along I looked across to the other side. The geese were heading across the grass towards the waters edge. 
I found my way to the other entrance/exit next to the playground, and a kiosk selling snacks and drinks. I don't normally take any money with me on a day walk, I have everything I need so don't need to spend any. An ice cream sign on the side of the kiosk said they have Magnums, yum, my favourite. I remembered I had put three £1 coins in the pocket of my backpack, just in case. Yippeeeeee. I treated myself to a choc and mint version. There is a much wider choice now with different flavours. Hopefully I will get to try the newer ones when I am out and about during the summer. 
I left the park through the gate into Langold Village. and followed the main A60 through Costhorpe into Carlton in Lindrick. Luckily there was a footpath all the way, it was a busy road. 
I'll stop there. I've got a few more pics of this walk so I'll post them tomorrow. 
Looking like a sunny day again. I need to get the lawn mower out up the top end of the garden. Plenty to do outside. 
Thanks for popping in. Enjoy your weekend. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. What a joy to see the geese and also the swans. Beautiful photos. The one with the clouds on is very atmospheric. I like Magnums too. I get the own brand versions from the supermarket though as they seem to be just the same at a fraction of the cost.

    1. I daren't even look in the frozen cakes and ice cream fridges. Tooooo tempting.


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