Sunday, 18 July 2021



A quick 40 minute, two mile walk around the village tonight. The bonus was a great sunset. 

Nighty night. Catch ya tomorrow.  ilona


  1. Fabulous photos. I love sunset photos and have taken tons over the years. I used to climb to the top of a tree near where I used to live so I could get a really good shot. I would often deliberately get a small branch in the shot to add more interest, sometimes with the flash on so that the branch was lit up and sometimes leaving it dark against the sunset. I was blown away when I saw that you had done the same sort of thing recently.

  2. I love sunset and sunrise photos too.I am going to do my walk later on today.Its far too hot to go out in the afternoon.Ive spent the last 2 days on the Mystery coach break,that I was hoping would take us to a little market town like Skipton...instead,we ended up in central Manchester on Saturday,stayed the night in Stockport hotel,then Sunday spent in Liverpool.Thats you chance you take when on these Mystery breaks,lol.Still we had a nice time though!xx

  3. Hi Ilona, I came across a sticker for 'A Stand In The Park' yesterday on a dog poo bin of all places! You will have heard of them. You go to a local park and meet to talk about the situation, on a Sunday from 10am to 11am. To be honest when I saw it I felt enormous relief, as we feel so alone with this terrible knowledge, and the fear of forced vaseline. Here is the website to look up your local one: Click on Our Stands, then UK , then England, etc

    There is strength in numbers, and information is power and all that! Hope this helps. Best wishes, Helen


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