Thursday, 22 July 2021

Evening walk tonight.

Another hot day. I went a walk tonight, it was cooler. Clouds are coming. A horrible sight, rubbish dumped in a gateway. Mostly cannabis root balls. Some household rubbish. There are signs up at the end of the road, no access for unauthorised vehicles. They obviously ignored that. Sad to see. I have reported it. 
And then there was a bonus. I stood still when I saw this deer in the middle of a field, making a meal of whatever is growing there. It looked at me and I didn't move. Good zoom on the camera. 

Not a spectacular sunset tonight. They have harvested most of the turf in that field. 
Now relaxing with a glass of wine. off to bed soon. Thanks for popping in. 

Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. What a horrible load of rubbish dumped there.

    Good deer photo

  2. If you like seeing the deer,you would love Bradgate Park here in Leicester.They roam freely and are beautiful to watch.Famlies of them all together grazing.I went past the park yesterday on the bus on my way to Loughborough.Another free day out with my buss pass!Sorry to see all that rubbish dumped by scumbags.Its not just Leicester then.These sub humans have no respect for nothing and nobody.xx

  3. Beautiful picture of the Deer and a interesting photo of the clouds.
    It's so sad that people just leave there rubbish, one day they will have homes of there own and then they realize how nasty it is to leave it about everywhere.
    Hope you had a nice walk.
    Hazel 🌈🌈

  4. I would be collecting all those root balls to reuse the potting mix.


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