Friday, 23 July 2021

Bird watching - no birds

It was a bit drizzly this morning so I thought not a day to go out. However, it was dry this afternoon, so I jumped in my jalopy and went to Alkborough Village. The view over the river from the maze. 
I walked down a footpath which took me to Alkborough Flats. A very popular place for bird watching. Here is a blog post about the sorts of birds that can be seen here. There are information boards, and hides that enthusiasts can sit in.

There are gravel paths, these get flooded in the winter months when the water level in the river rises. Today they were dry. I walked down a long path determined to get to the end of it, at Trent Falls. 
Lots of marshy boggy areas. Sadly I didn't see any birds apart from a lone swan. 

Almost the end of the path, through the gate and turn right. 
That's as far as I can go before I fall into the river. Turn round and go back. I have never walked right to the end before, I was curious so I went for it. The grasses were taller than me. 
On my way back, there is a bench to take a rest before I tackle the big hill back to the village. I'm heading for the church up there. 

It was a nice little bimble for a couple of hours. The sky is overcast but thankfully it didn't rain. 
I need to go shopping tonight, getting a bit low on a few things. Thanks for popping in. Have a nice weekend. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Your next to last photo explains why you saw no birds. :(
    I despise those ugly things.

  2. I enjoyed the description of your walk and pleased the rain kept of.
    It was very humid last night but we never got the rain they said about but the sky's are very dark here and the wind is very strong, such a shame for there is such a lot going at the summer weekends fetes etc.
    Hazel 🌈🌈

  3. Glad that your walk went well and it didnt rain.Another lovely area,although I hate those wind things.Every bit of open countryside seems to have them standing there.And out at sea as well.Jo says in her comment above,about it affecting the birds there...and you know its never occurred to me that they can affect the wild life around them.This gives me another reason to dislike them.We keep getting the promise of rain here in Leicester,but it hasnt happened yet.Maybe today,because it is really dull and dismal out in the garden.Still better than walking out into a sauna,which is how it has felt this last week!Hope that your shopping trip went well.A food bank around where I live has started doing a big box of food,delivered to your door for £8 so we thought that we would try it because it is open to anyone as long as they live in the local area.Ours was delivered yesterday,so Im planning our meals around that to see if it can save us a trip to the supermarket.Hope you have a lovely weekend!xx

  4. i remember visiting Julian's Bower way way back in the 1950's! We just called it the Fairy Maze and enjoyed walking round it with our small children's feet. Happy memories. Great photos.

  5. last photo just reminds me of Vaughan Williams -Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis

  6. a new poem blog has been released


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