Wednesday, 21 July 2021

My feet. Walking back home.

The Council have made a new path alongside a busy road, just for me, ha ha. 
They are trying to encourage more people to walk, jog, and cycle, for exercise. Which is a good thing. I am trying the new path out, not much traffic because it is 9.15pm. 
Catch ya later. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Ive just jumped back on here and we have another video!.How lovely and that sunset was beautiful.That looks a great path to walk mud to drag you down and make your boots heavy!.I know what you mean about the speed of the traffic though..Where I live,in a lot of the local streets they have put big black plastic speed humps,with 20 mile what they do now,is drive like maniacs up the one street without the humps...making it a nightmare for people who live there.They think nothing of doing about 70 and then slamming there breaks on when they come to the T junction in front of a little row of shops.They seem to like to play...go faster music,with their windows down,because they think it makes them look hard.I think it makes them look pathetic and rather silly.xx

    1. I'm surprised they don't speed between the speed bumps. That's how they do it here in Phoenix. Race to the speed bump, slam on the brakes, get over the speed bump and hit the gas to the next one. I have to wonder about my fellow humans. HaHa, bet they wonder about me, too.

  2. Now you can map out another route for mileage to keep in your notes!!

  3. Love your flowery skirt today Ilona I've got mine on too why not lolx


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