Monday, 12 July 2021

Winners and losers.

 There will be a few sore heads this morning, it's a shame that England didn't win the cup. I stayed up until the end, reading Rachels blog post commentary, and catching the tweets that came in from various people watching the match. It would have been nice to see our team, and the whole country celebrate. But it wasn't to be. 

I feel for the brave young man who missed the penalty. No doubt that he will feel he let the side down. He should be very proud of himself for the fantastic achievement of getting into the team. He is an excellent role model for every aspiring young footballer who has dreams of making it big. 

When entering any competition it is hopeful that we have a chance to win, that's what drives us. To reach the top of our tree is something to aim for. Hopes and dreams are what keeps us going. It doesn't matter if we don't get to the top, but what does matter is that we tried. Yes, have targets, and aim high. The road can be long and hard, the journey can be fraught with difficulties, but if we can overcome the obstacles we can become the best version of ourselves. 

I personally would have liked to see the tournament stopped at the end of the extra time played. There was no need to go to penalties. A 1 - 1 draw would have been a perfect finish. The two teams could have embraced and congratulated each other, and agreed to become best friends. So much more could have been gained from that, a chance missed. There are no winners and losers in life, just people on a journey who are trying to do the best for themselves. 

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  1. Yes,I was gutted for them...but we have to be positive and be proud that those lads got that far.I wasnt too impressed at the scutters who hadnt got tickets,pushing n shoving people out of the way to crash in there.How dangerous for those people who had paid their money and was sat there with their families.I hate the penalties too!.Still life goes on and we have to make the best of each day.xx

  2. Despite not being a football fan, I was obviously pleased and proud that we had managed to get so far. I was, however, shocked and ashamed at the booing of the Danish National Anthem and also the laser being shone at the Danish goalkeeper's eyes. Regarding the last game, I too felt very sorry for the young chap missing the penalty. The pressure on his young shoulders would have been immense. I was pleased to see his team mates hugging him afterwards.

  3. Thank you to the reader who sent me a link to a video on Brand New Tube. I watched it this morning while doing a bit of sewing. Very enlightening. Bit by bit new evidence is emerging, it's only a matter of time. The wheels of the legal system are slow to turn.


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