Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Take a walking tour in your home

Good morning. I've found a series of videos which may be of particular interest to our oversees visitors to this blog. Our UK visitors might also like them. Gimbal Walk TV shows you around some of our towns and cities. The camera person is using a stabilising gizmo called a Gimbal with their camera, which eliminates wobbles and shakes. The pictures are crisp, and the movements from one scene to another are super smooth. 
There is no annoying background music, and no narrative. You can watch with no sound at all, or listen to the gentle natural hum of people going about their business. There are minimum information subtitles which briefly appear at the bottom of the screen. This is helpful to pinpoint the exact location of the shot. In one video he finished off with some drone filming which is the icing on the cake. I love drone shots.  
Other towns and cities I have found are. . . . 
Leeds, Edinburgh, Scarborough, Whitby, Birmingham, Bridlington, Skipton, Alnwick, Leicester, Ripon, Seahouses, Harrogate, Manchester, Blackpool, Robin Hoods Bay, Holmfirth, Knaresborough, There are probably more. 
These could be useful when planning a holiday. Have a look at the place before you travel. String several places together to create a driving tour. This is what I am hoping to do when I start car camping. 
News in from 20 21 Arts Centre about the open exhibition. As this is a special year, it opened 20 years ago, they will make room for all the art that has been entered. No one will be rejected. That will be over 300 exhibits. It runs from Saturday the 29th of January, to Saturday the 23rd of April. To avoid the initial rush to see it, I will wait a week or two before I go and have a look. 
Another dull day today. I am doing well with the walking challenge so no need to panic. I will go for a walk this afternoon. I have to get out once a day. I got the car key problem sorted yesterday. The garage fitted new batteries to both keys at a cost of £6. 
I will cut you loose. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. I've subscribed already­čĹŹ✔ to Gimbal walk tv love there video's, they also have a Facebook page ilona❤

    Lot's of love Levi x

  2. Thank you for the info. We are planning an England trip this fall if covid numbers are down. We’ve postponed it twice. Don’t want to test positive and have to quarantine for a week in a hotel before we can leave. Very much looking forward to seeing your country.

    1. Go and ­čĹŹsubscribe to Gimbal walk tv on YouTube Debby you'll enjoy there many video's lot's to use from
      Levi x

  3. Oh thanks Ilona for sharing this!! Anxious to watch these, I will miss your narration. I do enjoy your take on things.

  4. What a gem of a youtube channel

  5. The only one of those places I can't say for certain I've been to is Seahouses. My wife says we have, so we must have been. We've certainly been to Bamburgh Castle and the Farne Islands. Silly me, Googly informs me that all trips to the Farne Islands depart from Seahouses Harbour. My favourite is Robin Hood's Bay. I always think of it as a Cornish fishing village in North Yorkshire. I first went there about forty years ago, and most years since, for days out and holidays. It's never lost its appeal. Now I'm in Kangaroo Land, absence makes the heart grow even fonder.

    1. I agree k h Charlie ✅.. i also enjoy it there and whitby and goathland where heartbeat was set


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