Thursday, 31 March 2022

Canal walk to Hatton Locks

There are 21 locks along this stretch of the Grand Union Canal. It was a sunny morning when I walked along there. Take a look at the Canal and River Trust web site for more information. 
These two boats were travelling through them together. It makes the job a lot easier if there are four people sharing the opening and closing of the gates between them. 

My plan was to spend the money I saved from not paying for parking, in the cafe on coffee and cake. Thinking about it the £5.50 probably wouldn't have covered that. 
Oh dear, no coffee and cake. There are two cafe's near to each other, neither of them were open. I sat on their picnic bench, sipped my flavoured water, and fed half my cheese sandwich to two ravenous ducks.  

I made a little video. Sadly my battery in the camera didn't last long so it was cut short, but I expect you get the idea. I changed to another camera but the longer video I made with that one was very wobbly so I deleted it.
Blimey, it's taken me a week to get these posts onto the blog and yoootooob. I hope you have enjoyed them. I now have a record for me to look back on when I am unable to make such trips. Do it while I can is my motto. 
I have just remembered, tomorrow is the first of April, check in day for the International Walking Group. Let us know how you are doing, or not doing. I managed a very decent 14 miles on this canal walk, so that has bumped my miles up to more that the target of 250. I'm chuffed with that. 
We had snow overnight but the sun is out now so it is melting. The weaving picture is finished so there will be a blog post about that. I have another coffee chat video in the bag so that will appear shortly. It's all go go go. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona

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  1. Hello Ilona, 270 miles for me this month - best wishes, jillbe


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