Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Grand Union Canal

I left the car park and drove a couple of miles to Warwick Parkway Station. There is a Park and Ride car park there. It is also next to the Grand Union Canal. I checked out the price to park at the station, it was too expensive. A woman I spoke to at the Cemetery the night before had told me that there was a parking area on the side of the canal. I had to look for it as it wasn't signed. 
Found it up a track. There was a machine to buy a ticket. I had the coins but the machine would not accept any money. Luckily at that moment someone in a van came along who works for the company that checks the machines. They said it hadn't been working for a long time, and I should put a note in the windscreen to say I had attempted to pay but couldn't. So I got free parking. 
Off I went for a walk. It was a lovely sunny morning. 

There was no tow path through the tunnel. It was a matter of following the signs going up and over the road and down the other side. 

I spent most of the day on the canal, eventually I came off and headed back to the car. Parts of the canal has the M40 motorway running close by. The traffic noise got quite annoying. I have a solution to that, turn off the hearing aid. Relief. Trouble is that it also blocks out the birdsong.  I'll put some pictures of the Hatton Locks on the next post.
I did a Billy walk this afternoon. We have a new routine now as Billy's mum has tested positive and is now isolating. I knock and stand back. She wears gloves when she puts his harness on inside the house. She wears a mask and opens the door and Billy runs out. She puts the lead outside the front door on the step. I wear gloves and put his lead on. Then do the same thing in reverse when I take him back. It works fine, and Billy gets a walk. 
Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.  ilona

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