Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Thoughts before breakfast.

 I was speaking to a friend in the village yesterday. She had the fourth vanjabbydozy on Saturday morning. She told me that within a few hours her body went through a series of involuntary jerking movements. She had no control over it. She tried to bend down and put the dogs food bowl on the floor and dropped it, scattering the food. The dog ate it off the floor. Things seem to have calmed down a bit now and it has stopped. 

These incidents of adverse reactions, no matter how small or short lived, need to be reported. In the UK it's the Yellow Card system, in the US it's VAERS. It may appear normal to some people to have a reaction, but by reporting it the health authorities can build up a picture with the data collected. 

It is still at the experimental stage until 2023. If people are not reporting their reactions, how are they able to assess the efficacy of it. How can they move on to the next stage if the data is incomplete. If the true picture is not known. 

Fizzzor have been forced to publish their findings from the information they already have, even though it doesn't contain all the reactions from a vast amount of people. They wanted to hide it for a very long time, but a court order has forced them to publish. 

Knowing the full picture of everything that has happened is imperative to help the pharmaceuticals to develop a much safer product.  

Breakfast time. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. The fact that it takes a court order to publish information concerning a vaccine that has been required in many instances should give people great concern. I think that my generation was possible the last to be educated to question and do research - not to be accepting of what the government or industries decide to release. I can remember my father looking at Richard Nixon on the tv and saying, "That man is a liar". I was absolutely shocked at the thought of someone entrusted to run a country could be two-faced and self-serving. After Watergate, I began to look carefully behind the scenes of politics and the people involved. Research takes time but I have - sadly - found that people are too often hiding agendas, greed or other negative things behind a face of "public concern". We're all liable to fall into a self-serving pit - best to keep eyes open and garner as much knowledge as possible.

  2. From the little that I have read about the data coming from the FoI request for Pfizer "vaccine" trial, it seems that the standards adhered to left a lot to be desired, and certainly would make me want to avoid it at all costs. Even more so with what is coming out now about myocarditis in young males.
    Makes the push on the part of the powers authorising these things to inject it into ever younger children positively dangerous.