Thursday, 19 May 2022

A secret garden at Hardraw

It was a sunny afternoon when I set off down, or is it up, the Pennine Way from Hawes. Destination Hardraw, to take a look at the waterfall there. The path took me across several fields with grazing sheep. It is well signposted. As it was a Saturday a lot of people had the same idea. 
An ideal place for a picnic.

This is the bridge at Hardraw. The building just over the other side is a Tea Room. 
I saw a sign saying Secret Garden, free to enter. So I did. 
This bench has seen better days, but the rustic element compliments the cottage style garden.  
Couldn't resist making a short video. It was quiet, no one else there. 
Across the road is the pub. Behind it is the entrance to Hardraw Force, the waterfall. First buy a ticket for £4 as the land is privately owned. This is the lounge area. Coffee and cakes available if you feel like it. Everyone was sitting outside in the sunshine on the picnic benches. 
I managed to resist the temptation. 
I have been working in the garden this morning, and if you will please excuse me, I need to go out shopping now. Is this trip never ending, ha ha. Still more to come. I have broken it down into manageable chunks. One long post would take me several days to put it all together, and my attention span is not that long. 
Catch ya later. toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Hi Ilona- newby here. If you enjoy waterfalls and stunning scenery- check out Upper Teesdale. It is about an hour's drive North from Hawes. You have High force and Low force both beautiful waterfalls and Cauldron Snout which is very impressive. More remote area but the scenery and walking are amazing. Shirley.

    1. Hi Sheila and Welcome .. 👍👍you'll enjoy this Blog from meanqueen i.e. "ilona"

    2. Thank you Shirley, for the tip.

  2. Very Beautiful ilona you do visit many lovely places some I've never heard of before but you give me ideas of places to visit yes ive been busy in the garden today Sat having a coffee know in your honor ..

    Levi xx

    1. I am really enjoying my garden at the moment. A meal outside on a tray, with a glass of cider, is bliss.


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