Sunday, 15 May 2022

Bimbling around Bedale

I went off on Friday morning, up the A1, to Bedale in North Yorkshiore. I've visited here a couple of times before, I like the place. Parking is easy. The main shopping street through it is very wide with parking on both sides. Go into a shop and ask for a disc. It's a cardboard disc inside a pocket. You move the disc so that your time of arrival shows at the top. You then have two hours. Free, no charge. It is left to people being honest. Keep the disc and use it when you come next time. 
The main road is very busy, I used to drive through it many times on my way to Leyburn. I delivered 26 ton of cement to a concrete making plant based in a quarry.  
This is the Church of St Gregory.  
It's got a huge graveyard at the back, I had a wander through it. This grave really stands out as the biggest one there. The little truck caught my eye. It is a recent burial. Two men were cutting the grass and I asked them about it. The man was a traveller and the travelling community don't do things by halves. Their weddings and funerals are big events. 
Bedale Railway Station is on the Wensleydale Heritage railway line. For more information have a look at this web site. 

A video to show you around the church. 
After a good two hour mooch around Bedale, I moved on to Leyburn. More pics and videos to come of my mini tour of the Yorkshire Dales. 
Thanks for popping in. see you soon. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Another beautiful church. Lovely architecture and the wood work is so ornate. Just a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the peace and give thanks. 😊❤️🙏🏻

    1. I am not particularly religious, but I like to take a few minutes inside a church.


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