Friday, 6 May 2022

Pollington and Sykehouse. A bimble

So where was I yesterday? The village of Pollington is not far from Thorne, and close to the M62. As you know I do like villages and open spaces, of which there are an abundance within an hours drive from my home.  I found a parking space at the Village Hall, next to the kids playground. There is an information board with a useful map so I could pinpoint my exact location.

I then set off down the road and turned right which took me to a bridge over the Aire and Calder Navigation Canal. 

I am not sure how I got a hill in the background of this photo. It is all very flat around here. 
I saw several signposts for the Trans Pennine Trail. 

Next I crossed the River Went at Topham Bridge. 

This way or that way. Follow the signs. 
I came into the village of Sykehouse. Have a look at the Parish website for more information. 

There is a small picnic area opposite the church where I sat for a while eating my cheese and peanut butter sandwich. 

I took a track opposite the church along the edge of the fields. Two bulls spotted me. Thank goodness they were completely enclosed in their field, separated by a fence with barbed wire between us. The track itself was so overgrown I found myself wading through waist high brambles and nettles and thistles. There was no going back. I was not going to turn round and walk past the bulls again. I came to a bridge crossing the New Junction Canal. 
As the land is very flat around these parts there are very few locks. 

Look at the size of this canal side cottage. It is called Lock Bridge House. 
Guess what, it's for sale. It was put on the market in December 2021 for 2.5 million. Take a look at Right Move. Scroll through the pictures, and click on the Virtual Tour video. Some great drone footage there. You will be gobsmacked. How the other half live eh! It is stunning. 

I walked along the canal for a while and came to Kirk Lane Bridge. 

Then I carried on further and came to Sykehouse Road Bridge. 

I then took the road and tracks back to Topham Bridge. This took me past the Windmill House for the second time. 
From what I could see it looks amazing. I would love to climb to the top for the views. As luck would have it I came across a dog walker. She had two lovely brown, can't remember the breed, big dogs. I stopped to ask her about the dogs because we have one similar here in our village. On the spur of the moment I asked her if she lived in the windmill, and I was amazed, she said she did. I asked her more questions. It was bought in the 1970's by a family member, as a derelict property. He did it up. Then she inherited it, and she did it up again in the 1990's. She said it has it's problems and is not all good. It is on a flood plain so the insurance is high. The Council Tax is also high. But she loves living there. It was good to get a bit of background info on it. 

Once over Topham Bridge I walked alongside the river Went for a while, through a field of grazing sheep. I was looking for a different track back to Pollington. Somehow I missed it. It was not where it was supposed to be, probably because a field of Oilseed Rape was planted over it. I walked along field edges in the direction I wanted to go, and came across two men working on some farm equipment. They pointed me in the right direction. Eventually I came out on a road, and once again crossed the New Junction Canal as I came into Pollington. 

The first moving boat I have seen. Coming into the lock. 

Pollington Bridge, almost back now. Shooting into the sun which is behind the clouds gives it a dusk appearance. It was 6.30pm and still light. 

Back at home for 7.30pm. Nine miles walked today. I was greeted by cats wanting some food. It was a nice day out. I must have another one soon, in a different place. So much to see, and so little time. 

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona 

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  1. I wouldn't want to live in the house as it appears cold, and I like houses with more character. Maybe I'm too old to enjoy the sterile look but the photos make me feel cold. I guess the other half can keep their houses!! LOL But I sure enjoyed your walk. You live such an interesting life. Thanks for sharing with us!!


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