Thursday, 30 June 2022

A walk from Ranby.

With the weather being so unsettled just lately I've been a bit reluctant to stray too far from home in case I get caught out in a downpour. My walks have been closer to home. Yesterday looked promising so off I went to Ranby. 
I am having trouble in deciding what to wear. Too much clothing can be uncomfortable and slow me down, too little and I feel the cold and so I walk faster. Yesterday it became really hot so the clothing I wore had to come off and go in the backpack. I tend to take an extra layer just in case, and quite often I don't need it. 
I set off down the canal towpath. These two boats are permanently moored here. The blue one can be hired for trips of an hour, or longer. 
The Chequers Inn has it's own mooring slot. 

I passed underneath the A1 trunk road. The drone of the traffic followed me for ages. 

On the opposite bank were several Canada Geese. It was difficult to get a good photo as they hid among the grass. The baby is just visible here. 

Off the canal now and heading towards Scofton. This is actually a bridleway on the map but is tarmacked to allow the farm traffic access. The farms around here are part of an Estate. All around this area are lots of Lime Trees. The smell is gorgeous. 
There are brown fields housing cattle and sheep. 

And green fields containing crops. These look like they are going to grow into sweetcorn. 

I could see a church in the distance and zoomed in for a picture. Let's go there for a closer look. 
Come back tomorrow to see Scofton Church. It's beautiful. 
A note for the International Walking Group members. It's check in day tomorrow. You have less than 24 hours to top up your mileage. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona 


  1. Another beautiful trip. Just watched the church video and it is absolutely gorgeous and in such a nice private setting. A great place to rest and think. So glad the weather was nice mother!! Thanks again for always taking us along. 😊♥️

    1. The peace and tranquility is great for relaxing.

  2. ooo errr missus... All the clothing? :-)

    1. Ha ha. Not quite. I must try different combinations of clothing. Over dressing makes an uncomfortable walk.