Sunday 7 August 2022

Easy day

I've had a fairly easy day today. This morning I thought I would make an effort and go to the Stand in the Park group meeting held at Central Park every Sunday morning. Look for the yellow flag. It's a friendly group, we chat about the latest events, and it's nice to know we are all on the same page. I had a smashing conversation with a chap I haven't seen before. He was very interested in art and photography so that was a good starting point to kick off the conversation. SITP is a world wide organisation. There is a list of parks in the UK where the meetings take place. 

I picked up my free copy of The Light newspaper. 

I pass Aldi to get to the park so it made sense to call in there and get my shopping. £50 spent, all stocked up now. Next stop the Jet garage and fill the car up, ready for the next trip. Another £50 spent. 
Lunch today was cold steamed vegetables with mayo. I made double portions last night. There was some left for dinner tonight as well. 
I have started a new picture, it is smaller than the last one. I got the design out of a book. Lots of colour and embroidery. I like to have something on the table which I can pick up any time I have an hour to spare. 
Tonight I have done some hedge trimming. Must keep on top of it
It is still sunny at 6.30pm, so I will go for a local village walk. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Absolutely great that you went to Stand In The Park and am glad that groups are still going as the one closest to me seems to have stopped. People really can’t afford to take their foot of the brake and of course it’s a good way of networking.

    1. It is no surprise that some groups may fold. It takes a very strong and confident person to stick with their beliefs for a long time, when there are so many people who hurl ridicule and insults their way.


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