Wednesday 7 June 2023

More speakers

Good evening. Are you ready for the next batch of photo's from the Better Way Conference. There is a definite interest in this event from my blog readers. Thank you for your comments so far. 
There were eight sessions with eight speakers in each of them. Most were live onstage, some of them joined in by satellite. 
Dr Tess Lawrie from the World Council for Health. 
I think we all know The Coast Man, Neil Oliver.  

Del Bigtree from The High Wire  sent a message of support by satellite. 

Another message of support from Robert F Kennedy Jnr. 

Dr Reiner Fuellmich from Germany was live on stage. He is a Lawyer. 

Richard Vobes introduces the speakers for this session. 

Patrick Holford. Nutrition expert. 

James Corbett. Investigative journalist
Derrick Broze. Author. Investigative journalist. 

Dr Carrie Madej. Educator of human rights. 

Proff. Mattias Desmet. Professor of clinical psychology. 

Stick with it guys, it gets better. You can google any of the names to get more information about them. It was a gruelling three days of eight sessions in total. There was also workshops on offer. I didn't attend any of those. I am not good at sitting still for long periods of time, despite the fact that I did exactly that as a lorry driver. I'll be back tomorrow. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. That sounds like an intriguing conference, we need to hear from these people. For some reason your blog allowed me to post a comment on your more recent post, usually it says only members can post comments. Let's see if I can post this comment. You know I love your blog, we share mostly similar world views, and some different too.

    1. Hello. I restrict comments when I haven't got time to deal with them. My time is precious, I don't want to waste it on deleting those who have closed minds. Thank you for your patience.

  2. Sounds like a great conference. We need more people to lead the way and speak out about the never ending corruption.

    1. I am hopeful that people will start seeing just how corrupt the Governments of the world are.

    2. The fact that corrupt criminals rule is only ONE part of the equation. The pack of leading criminals do not operate in a vacuum, and never have. There are 2 destructive human pink elephants in the room and they are MARRIED and BOTH must be exposed fully --- (or

      The criminals in powers are in those positions and do what they do ONLY because of the mostly willful activities, or inactivities, of the majority of self-entitled "good" or "compassionate" or "religious" people --- the 90-95% of the herd.

      “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” --- Martin Luther King, Jr, 1929-1968, Civil Rights Activist

      Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true WHOLE problem and reality, no real constructive LASTING change is possible for humanity.

      And if anyone does NOT acknowledge, recognize, and face (either wittingly or unwittingly) the WHOLE truth THEY are helping to prevent this from happening. And so they are "part of the problem" and not part of the solution.

      The ruling criminals pulled off the Covid Scam globally via its WHO institution because almost all nations belong to it. Sign the declaration at to exit the WHO

      "We'll know our Disinformation Program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ---William Casey, a former CIA director=a leading psychopathic criminal of the genocidal US regime


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