Sunday 10 September 2023

Electronic art

Have you seen anything like this before? There is an exhibition at the 20 21 Art Centre in Scunthorpe at the moment. If you stand in front of it for any length of time, you could become hypnotized. Arms and legs projected onto a big screen. 
Peter William Holden is the artist, and the end date for this is 23rd September, then it will move on to another venue. So 13 days if you want to catch it here. 
This sculpture is Arabesque, with gentle music accompanying the dancing arms and legs. 

20-21 Visual Arts Centre is delighted to present the first major UK gallery exhibition by kinetic sculptor Peter William Holden. His mesmerising installations combine sculpture, robotics, video and sound in automated sculptural performances.

The Arts Centre is in a church. There are some interesting shadows on the walls. 

The umbrellas open to Dancing in the Rain. As each one opens you can hear a click, just like the tap dancing of Fred Astaire. This sculpture is called AutoGene. 

If you follow this link to Peter William Holden's web site you will find a list of his sculptures. Click on each one for a video version.
If you put Peter William Holden into the search facility on yoootooob, you will find many more like this. Have fun.
Thanks for popping in. Enjoy your weekend. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Copied and pasted from Brionys blog.
    Hi Ilona,
    I went to leave a comment on your blog but wasn't able to save it. How intriguing and interesting your post on the moving arms and legs was!! The mechanism of this puts me in mind of Swiss artist, Jean Tinguelly who created loads of large scale moving art works (if you are ever in Basel, the museum there is fantastic!). The shadows add a spooky dimension too!
    I came over to say Hi after I saw your reply in response above!

    1. Thank you. I goooglied his name and found this video. A fascinating character.


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