Tuesday 28 November 2023


Villagers in Norfolk have criticised the council for what they claim is a “blatant misuse of health and safety policies” after it placed “unsafe memorial” tags on 37 gravestones. Story here. 

 What kind of message does this send out? 

Don't worry yourself if any of our gravestones fall over. We will get the problem sorted. If you want to walk through our graveyard we will make it safe for you to do so. We don't want you to sue us if you trip or stumble, or inadvertently find yourself flattened by a toppled gravestone. We haven't had one fall over for oooh, at least 50 years, but you never know, it could happen tomorrow. 

Nudge nudge. You, dear public can give up all your personal responsibility, and lay it firmly in our hands. No need to think for yourself. All possibility of accidents will be covered by the chip in your head. You will be automatically steered around such obstacles. Don't forget to check the app on your hand held device as you move around. Go about your daily business, happy in the knowledge that your Council is looking after you. 

Will we ever be able to go anywhere without fearing for our lives?

Toodle pip.   ilona 

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