Tuesday 2 April 2024

Fancy doing Snowdon?

Bank Holiday weekends, and sunny weekends throughout the year, will bring them out. Let's climb a mountain they say. A slow crawl through traffic, and when you finally get near to your destination, there is nowhere to park. Everyone has had the same idea. If you park on the road you may find that your car is not there when you get back from a walk. It has been towed away. 
I was in North Wales a few years ago, thought I might go for a walk up Snowdon, but after seeing videos of the traffic jam of walkers heading to the top, I decided not to bother. I know that people who go to work are limited to weekends for their leisure time, but I would say, choose somewhere that is not so busy. There are lots of lovely rolling hills and villages to visit. But do it now before the villages grow into towns as more land gets tarmacked over. 
I have the luxury of going out in the middle of the week. Much better that joining the scrum to get away from home. 
If you want to climb Snowdon, have a look at this video, which explains the grades of different paths, from the dead easy to the rock scrambles. 
Just to explain my comments policy. It is open on this blog for a few days for anyone to send a comment. Let's hear about your walking achievements. As usual this has alerted the grumpy, nasty, sarcasm from those who wish to engage me in a verbal punch up. It will not happen, they are deleted. Also I do not accept comments on the Rabbit Hole at all. 
Tuesday is looking good. The sun is out. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. I’ve fancied walking up Snowden but am put off by the crowds I’m
    likely to encounter. I walked to the summit of Pen y Fan last summer and that was fairly busy.

    1. Same here. The reason I go out into the countryside is to experience the tranquility of nature. To get lost in my own thoughts, without the distractions of others.


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