Tuesday 16 April 2024

Wicked Little Letters

I finally made time to go to the Vue Cinema in town yesterday. It was super windy so that curbed any garden activity. I needed to get out of the house. It started at 5.45pm, well the actual film didn't start then, you have to sit through the adverts, and trailers for what will be shown in the future. There was nothing in the list to take my fancy so I doubt my cinema trips will become a habit. 
On paying for my ticket I perused briefly the selection of chocolate on offer. Errr, £4 for a bag of Maltesers, I don't think so. I had a few sweeties in my pocket, that will do. 
I found the screen and found a seat to my liking. No one else there. I wondered if they show a film for only one person. After rushing in at the last minute I expected to see some activity on the screen. I sat and waited, perhaps they allow a few extra minutes for those who are late. Two people came in and sat somewhere behind me. The lights were lowered and the place burst into life. 

I really enjoyed the film. It's supposed to be a comedy. I was drawn into the web of mystery by the storyline. Apparently it's based on a true story. I was soon playing detective trying to work out 'who dunnit'. Picking up a few clues here and there, by watching the facial expressions. 
Just a note here. If you are planning to see the film don't goooogle the title first, it will spoil your trip. 
The acting is superb. With me not being a film buff I cannot compare it to any other works that the actors have been seen in. This has prompted me to goooogle a few names. 
Here is a yooootooob video of Olivia Coleman as Queen Elizabeth 11. 
I got a right soaking as I walked back to my car. The heavens opened. I wondered should I bother going to Aldi or go straight home. There were only a few cars in the car park, so best to get the shopping now. I dripped my way around the shop and came out almost sixty quid lighter. This morning it was nice to see a full fridge once more. 
The weather is still hit and miss, so I will decide what to do next as the day goes on. 
Toodle Pip.   ilona

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