Monday 10 June 2024

Holy Trinity Church, Bardsea.

And so to continue my journey, down the coast road towards Barrow. I saw a church on a hill. That looks interesting. I pulled in to a parking area overlooking Morecambe Bay, and set off on the short walk up to the village of Bardsea. I have not seen a sheep painted yellow before, or is it orange. 
It was a very blustery wind sweeping across from the sea, so I could not film the outside. 

The view looking down over Morecambe Bay. The little shack is a cafe serving refreshments. 
Inside I was greeted with wonderful displays of flowers. Somebody has been very busy. How lovely. I don't mind artificial flowers at all. 

I did a short walk round video, come with me. 
Time to carry on a bit further. I want to fit as much as I can into the day. 
Next stop, the Lifeboat station at Roa Island. The wind was still raging as I walked across the elevated walkway to the building. I was afraid of getting blown off. By now it was late afternoon. I saw two visitors come out of the door, so I guessed it might still be open. 

Yessss, I could go in. I was only just in time though. Staff members were ready to leave and lock up. So glad I got these pics. 

Piel Island is just across the water which is only accessible by a ferry. Piel Castle can be seen with the zoom. No boats today though, it's far too windy. 
I thought I might visit Barrow, but decided to carry on further north following the A595. It was too early to park up, best to push on. Don't need to find a parking place until it is closer to bed time. 
So where did I visit next? That will be in the following post. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona. 


  1. I really love your adventures Ilona it's very Inspiring to watchxx🌈🌈

    1. Thank you Jo. I hope it gives people ideas to make some camping trips for themselves.


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