Friday 21 June 2024

I heart hedgehogs.

Something I have been playing with over the last couple of weeks. I like to keep my hands busy. It's 6.5 inches diameter. I have used felt because it's easy to work with. Buttons and threads given to me. I have enough now to last forever. No patterns used, I make it up. Hoop cheap from Home Bargains. I wrapped the outer hoop in green wool. Makes it easier to sew the backing on, and I like the contrast. The actual heart shape is a bit wonky. Could be better. 

Hedgie was a bit early last night, it wasn't quite dark. I am sure he is sleeping somewhere in the garden. I normally feed it close to the house, but last night he was running up the garden. I don't know if he looked in the usual spot first, I was busy. I quietly crept closer to him and he froze. They curl up when they are frightened. I put a handful of food near him and left him to it. They must have a good sense of smell because he found it quite quickly. 
Thanks very much, now I'll have a drink. 

Feeding animals has become a bit of a routine here. It's almost lunch time and the ducks have not yet arrived. They will appear at some point. I think they scout around in different gardens. The cats are loving it outside. Even Mayze who is mainly an indoor cat. They have their hidey holes and when I go outside they appear as if by magic. Ooooh good, the food is coming. 

Now I must get my lunch. Have a good weekend. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. You say the heart is a bit wonky but I love the whimsical look it has-just lovely!

    1. I like that. Whimsical is a new word for wonky. The way to make a perfect heart is to make a template with paper or cardboard first. Fold it on half and draw half the heart with the crease down the middle. Cut it out and you have two matching sides. Mine is fatter on the right than on the left. I will remember next time. But yes, it is quirky rather than wonky.

  2. Debi from Leicester.Morning Ilona.I just love how creative you are!.That is so pretty and I think much nicer hanging in a home than the so called decorative home stuff that they sell in the big stores these days.I glad that the sun is shining for us all.I even managed to sit in the garden yesterday and read my book for a couple of hours.Bliss!.My cats love it when I am out there and laze around in the shaded spots.Hope that you have a lovely weekend.xx

    1. Hello Debi. I spent time outside yesterday. When it was too hot I came indoors to cool down. So glad I have some ice cream in the freezer. Enjoy your weekend.


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