Sunday 23 June 2024

It changed my life

There are lots of van life videos doing the rounds on yooohoootooob. I dip into them occasionally. Here is Si, talking for 8 minutes about why he got off the treadmill and opted for a life of freedom. 
Not everyone will want to do this, but it is useful to look at alternative lifestyles and build up a bank of knowledge for any future aspirations you might have to change your life. I have no plans to change my life at the moment, but this video reminds me how I left home at 18, moved into a bedsit, and got a job at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. This was the start of doing my own thing, and I have followed this freedom lifestyle ever since. 
For most of my working life I have been lucky enough to enjoy my work. When things became monotonous and boring I just moved jobs. It was easy back then. Walk out of one job and straight into another. It started with shop work, then factory work, then more shop work, then catering, and finally driving. I never felt the need to escape, but I did need to move on whenever I found myself in a place I didn't want to be. 
Si talks about how he made the transition from expensive city living, to the freedom of living in a van. This enabled him to cut his living costs and get rid of his debt. It can be done, all that is needed is to recognise you have choices, and be brave enough to bring about changes to go in a different direction. 
Sunday morning and it is sunny. Yipeeeee. Enjoy your day.
Toodle pip.   ilona

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  1. Humans are far more adaptable than we are led to believe. Arilx


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