Monday 17 June 2024

People watching in the park.

I went to the park yesterday. It was a lovely sunny day. There was an event on, stalls set up selling plants and food. I bought a truckle from the cheese stall. Yorkshire Wensleydale creamy and crumbly cheese. 
The walled garden was full of flowers and vegetables. Plenty of bees on this one. 

There was a flower arranging demonstration going on over there. 

I walked around most of the park. This tree has suffered storm damage. I'm not sure if they will try and save what is left, of if they will remove it all together. It's an old tree so it would be a shame to lose it. 
Blue skies, white fluffy clouds, what could be better. 
I watched people having fun with their families. Kids playing footie. I chatted to people sat on the benches. I told them stories and made them laugh. I sat alone taking it all in, and talked to the camera. 
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Oh Ilona have you read the Reform contract….I think you will like what is there, it fits in so much with what you are saying. I know you have said all political parties are the same but Reform is different. Do have a look and ,et us know what you think

    1. I haven't seen that yet, I must look into it. After reading what the other two clowns have promised it will be interesting to see if Reform has anything better to offer.

    2. Debi from Leicester.Reform is the one I will be voting for.xx

  2. Your photos of the park are lovely Ilona. The beautiful flowers and colours are a real tonic. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Spring and summer are my favourite seasons. So much colour to admire.


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