Sunday, 1 March 2009

Saddle sore.

It's amazing how a few hours of sun can raise the spirits. This morning I wondered whether to sow a few seeds, but then I thought it would be best to wait a few more weeks. I started too early last year and lost some plants. I got on with repotting some plants that had outgrown their pots, the cuttings I took from my bushes last year are looking quite healthy now.

After lunch I got my bike out, nothing like a bit of pedalling to keep the old lungs in working order, a bit of puffing and panting never hurt anybody. I set off towards Alkborough about three miles away. The village is high up on the hillside, overlooking the spot where three rivers meet, the Humber, Ouse, and Trent. I stopped at the maize to admire the extensive view across to Yorkshire, this is a maize cut into the turf, not one you can walk round as I thought when I first came here twelve years ago.

In September 2006 a breach was cut into the flood defence bank creating a flood storage area, allowing flooding during extreme weather such as tidal surges. This reduces the impact of flooding houses further along the river banks. Now the area is a haven for all kinds of birds and wildlife. If you want to find out more take a look at this site.

The narrow road down to the Flats is very steep I wondered if I should risk going down there in case I couldn't get back up again, I thought it was a chance worth taking. They have made two pedestrian/cycle paths around the perimeter, I rode along the first one as far as I could which stopped at the breach, and came back. Then I cycled along the second path, and saw a beautiful white barn owl hovering and swooping down to catch his prey. At the end I had to turn back because it went into a footpath across a field, although my bike could have made it I am no expert at rough riding.

Now to tackle the hill back up again. It was too steep to cycle down so there was no way I could pedal back up. I got into a nice steady plod, concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other while taking deep breaths and hanging onto the bike. It was a relief when I got to the top, I sat down for a few minutes to recover.

My backside was beginning to feel a bit sore on the way home I was tempted to get off and walk but carried on, getting light relief by standing on the pedals while I free wheeled. I'm not as fit as I thought I was, I need to start cycling more regularly.
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  1. oooh er ... I sowed tomato seeds yesterday... but I wont plant them out until all risk of frost is gone... and I think I will cycle to work this morning... thank you for the inspiration. :-)

  2. First time I took my bike out last summer I fell when I got off - my knees just gave way under me!! This year I've been doing some cycling int he gym so I dont make a total eejit of myself! I have also gfot a bike trailer for Grace coming, can't wait to take her out and show her the countryside!


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