Wednesday, 1 April 2009

We have a windfarm

We've got a brand new windfarm two miles away, and I think it's great. At the moment there are only four turbines, not sure if we are going to get more but there is plenty of room. I know a lot of people are against them, saying they won't be able to produce much electricity, and they are ugly to look at, but I think they are beautiful, majestic works of art. They are not connected up yet, I'm going to love watching the blades go round everytime I pass them on my way to town. I might even park up and sit and watch them for a while, I think they are fascinating.
Daily spend - nothing


  1. I agree I think they are really beautiful and I believe they make 'swooping' noises as they go round... not loud but 'whoosh' if you know what I mean. I think they are really cool. I'd sit and watch them no problem. :-)

  2. I does beat watching the grass grow (or watching Big Brother, X Factor, Celeb this that and the other etc). They really are graceful and mesmeric and mildly awesome. They have entertainment value and I've nothing against them. There are issues about their effectiveness - but we'll not let that spoil our enjoyment shall we?

  3. They're horrible ugly things, and will never generaye enough power as they take to make, transport, erect and maintain.


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