Saturday, 19 December 2009

Free chat with Skype

I've been fiddling around with Skype this morning, and hey, it works :-) Not too difficult to install. You are asked to take a snapshot of yourself for your profile, look at the webcam, smile, and click. I wondered if I really want anyone to see me in my slopping around the house gear, it's enough to make them roll about laughing, but what the heck, let's do it.

The whole thing is rather clever, more toys to play with. I had to do a couple of tests to make sure I was working ok, test that my voice was beaming out and my speaker is working. I could hear my own voice coming back, weird. I sound just the same as when I was on the tele, a bit posh but rather intoxicated.

I discovered I have four people already in my email address book who are on Skype. As soon as I imported the list across, I tried contacting Jonathan as a test. Lo and behold he was online and answered, magic. We had a lovely conversation, most of it was me laughing though. I haven't spoken to him for nearly thirty years although we ocassionally email each other. Isn't it just amazing that we can now chat.

I have added another two people to my Skype list of contacts, so maybe later I will get to talk to them. I'm not sure what the time difference is between here and India, so when my brother gets out of bed, or gets logged on, we will have a chat. I will leave the computer on for the rest of the day, because it will tell me as soon as he is around.

I'm chuffed that I can now chat to people all over the world for free, it will be a boon when I get shunted into an old folks home. As long as I can take my computer with me I will be happy to sit in my little room chatting to all my geriatric pals. :0)

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  1. Good isn' it! And you can turn the piccies off if you want.


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