Friday, 15 January 2010

Better than landfill - make a bag

What can you do with sixteen dry cat food bags, seems such a shame to throw them away. I have been saving them because I like the bold colours. Light bulb moment.....MAKE A BAG

First I did the back and front. Sew four bags together with a flat overlap seam, zigzag stitch on the machine. Zigzag two bags together for the side, make two. Then join the four pieces together with running stitch seams on the outside, so you have a bag with no bottom. Next join two bags with zigzag seam for the bottom, trim to size and pin into place. Sew together. Fold top edge over one and a bit inches and pin. Make two handles out of two bags, you have to open bags out lengthways and cut two strips, fold lengthways, sides to middle, and stitch. Do two rows of running stitch around the top edge half an inch apart and attach handles while you are doing this.

Overall dimensions are 14.5 inches tall, 15 inches wide, 7 inches deep, it will fold flatish when empty. It seems quite strong because it is double thickness, although I would use it for lighter items such as toilet rolls and cereal boxes, rather than heavy vegetables. That way it would last a lot longer. I will try it out on my next shopping trip.


  1. Our cat crunchies come in heavy duty paper sacks not plastic... but I have seen bags made from drinks cartons sewn together... similar thing only much smaller. I think your bag looks great!

  2. That looks great Ilona. You got any good ideas what to do with the boxes the cat food sachets come in? Will definately try the bag though.

  3. Awesome and I'm gathering all of these ideas for school activity week - i have copied and pasted these photos to my school design technology department - I'm sure the kids will love sewinfg up recycled bags - loving the bags

  4. Wow! I'm always so impressed with your 'makes'. I love the way that you make something brilliant out of what seems like nothing!

    Love this bag :)


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