Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Last Supper

I took some photographs today which I really must show you. There is three new exhibitions in our 20 21 Arts Centre, so I went along to have an eyeball. The first one is along the wall on the left hand side as you enter the reception area, about seven or eight very large abstract waterpaintings in pastel wishy washy colours. It is supposed to be pictures of Venice. I read the introduction by the artist, loads of gobboldeygook masquerading as art speak, I didn't understand a word of it. Then I looked at the leaflet giving titles and prices. You could have knocked me down with a feather. How much, good grief, over £1,000 for each one. How to describe the pictures? Straight lines, boxes, curves, squares and circles, randomly daubed on. I looked closely at the paper he had used, second hand out of the recycled box, with printing on the other side. What a swiz. If anyone buys one of those they must be out of their tree.

Around the corner down the next corridor was an exhibition of Pointillism, painting by dots. The artist Sean Williams called it Between here and here. It was fantastic, such detail in his work. Anyway, I didn't get any photo's of that, I forgot all about it when I saw the next exhibition in the main church building.

You know how you see something amazing and it stops you in your tracks, it was like wow, that is stunning. The artist is Marian Van Der Zwann from the Netherlands. The exhibition is called The Last Supper. I am stood in front of a very large table covered in a blood red velvet cloth, on it are several large loaves of bread and a gigantic pewter drinking goblet. Around the table are hanging pictures of female figures from different cultures and religions. Beautiful serene music played in the background, it was very calming. What a talented artist. Don't you think it is fabulous?


  1. Oh MY!!! such a powerful image. I love it. It's quite special to be a woman isn't it. Guess that's why we put up with what we do. :-) and I agree about the price of the water colours... but someone will pay for them...

  2. Forgot to say, the church setting is absolutely perfect for this exhibition, and I like the oval shape of the pictures and the way they are hanging on chains.

  3. That is fabulous, I really like that. It is so stiking with the reds. I particularly like that one of the hand holding the dove, absolutely beautiful. Wish I could paint..


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