Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Day 3 Clitheroe to Earby

Good evening. I did get to Earby Youth Hostel tonight, I really needed to go a bit further but my little legs are very achey. So a cheaper bed for tonight, £17, and a dormitory to myself. I asked for breakfast but the warden said they don't do food, so I had to traipes back down to the Co op in the town for some supplies. I was shocked at how much everything cost, no Tesco here. I got a frozen fish pie for £1, and a cheese and onion flan for £1. A bottle of Lucozade was £1.15.

I had a text message from Kevin, a chap off the walking forum, he said he would come and meet me for a drink, so that was nice company for an hour. I didn't have time to microwave the fish pie and eat it, so I will have it for breakfast instead.

First pic is the Rose and Crown, my B & B in Clitheroe. I had a castle view from my window. Another full English breakfast, without the meat of course.

There hasn't been much time for sightseeing on this trip, but I made time for a look round the castle before I set off. There isn't much of the old castle left, but it looks like they have built quite a lot buildings around it in a similar style.

A view looking out towards Pendle Hill.

There was these strange steel tubes sticking up allover the place. One person speaks into them and another person listens across the other side of the courtyard then answers. An interactive thingy.

A view in the other direction. The open air amphitheatre in the foreground.

Anyway, must get on my way, even though every step is so painfull. I went through Worston, and stopped for a few minutes at Downham. Trouble is when I stop I can't get going again.

Downham is a beautiful little village, the sort of place you want to linger. There were a few people about picnicking by the stream which runs through the middle. Children were paddling and the ducks were quacking.

Lots of stone cottages with flowers at the front.

And the church stands majestic and proud, on the hill over looking the village.

Lots of cottages and flowers.

Off I set again. I wasn't going to take a photo of Pendle Hill, because hills all look the same to me, but here we go.

I decided to stick to the minor roads rather than go on the paths. My legs were giving me hell and I didn't want to stumble over uneven ground. I took the national cycle route to Barnoldswick. Strangely the down hills were giving me stick, my knees were painfull and the muscles at the front of my legs were very sore. The uphills were ok, head down, lengthen the pace and take it slowly.

I stopped in Barnoldswick for something to eat and drink, popped into a shop, and took my snack onto a grassy area next to the bus station, in the shade of a big bush. It was so hot. What a relief to get my boots off and stick a pin in the blisters on my little toes. Smother them in Germoline and they will be ok.

This is the hostel, a cottage style building. It looks as if the place has been refurbished, all looks quite new.

I'll leave you with this little chuckle, it made me chuckle anyway. No matter how bad things seem you have got to see the funny side. Seen in a shop window when I hobbled back from the Co op, ha ha.


  1. Oh, I know what you mean about your knees being painful walking downhill. I have the same problem when I'm on a long walk.

    Have a good rest tonight, you're doing a great job!

  2. Oh, I know exactly how you feel. I walked from Manchester to Todmorden, a charity walk after training such a lot - probably about 10 miles in all, not at the same time!!! I didn't put my thick padded walking socks and my feet suffered from 15 miles.

    The Ribble Valley area is gorgeous. Where's your next stop? I LOVE the ESCAPE! poster. She ought have done it for you free of charge.

  3. If you are in such pain I can only imagine I wouldn't have made it to the next town! So you are doing very well. The food may have been expensive where you shopped but the cheaper cost of lodging more than made up for it. So glad you had someone to keep you company for an hour or so. I laughed with you at the sign you found.

  4. Well done Ilona. You're doing great. You seem to be in good spirits too. Take care of yourself. Sally

  5. I`m so pleased that you DID take a photo of Pendle Hill! It used to be a favourite walk and the view from the top is magnificent.

    Beautiful villages with stone cottages and flowers....

    You are doing so well, despite the blisters and the knees. Mine don`t like walking downhill these days either!

    Good luck for tomorrow.

  6. I am walking vicariously, the best way for me...lol. The scenery is beautiful where you are walking. Thanks.

  7. Ilona, if you are in pain then perhaps you should spend an extra overnighter in a cheap place and rest up a while.
    Jane x

  8. Ilona, thanks for sharing your travel log and pictures. I feel like I am walking with you.
    I hope you get some rest and relief for your
    sore feet. How many miles a day are you walking?
    Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  9. You are doing really well. J walked the traditional Coast to Coast walk some years ago. Like a madman he did it in a week - 30 miles a day at some points. He suffered with his knees too and he was only in his 30s. I had the same thoughts as Jane- maybe an extra night at the youth hostel would be a good idea so you could rest up a while longer

  10. keep it up Ploddy! A bowl of very cold water to soak your tootsies might help,you could defrost your wrapped up frozen grub in it then dunk your feet afterwards.

  11. Try and get a break somewhere along the way, maybe take an extra night somewhere - be careful of getting shin splints. My feet burn after a days walking - have to wrap them in cold damp cloths.
    Loving the pickys !

  12. Enjoying the pictures so much. I agree that you think about a day and 2nd night of rest.
    Take good care.
    Sending you wishes for a good walk in good weather with a nice bed at the end of the day.
    Candace in Colorado

  13. You are one of a kind Ilona♥♥♥ Please rest up for a while if needed xxxx

  14. Oh do take care of yourself Ilona, pushing too hard could damage your knees permanently, do take a longer rest.


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