Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Day 4 Earby to Ilkley

Here I am in my hotel room, I don't know if I should tell you how much it cost. Let's just say that added to the £17 for last night, and divided by 2 the answer is £39.50. Ha ha. Yes it is too much. I have walked a long way today because I felt much better, and I didn't want to go off route and go down into Ilkley to search for a bed. Another walker told me about the Cow and Calf and said it is on the Millennium Way, so when I got here and the barman told me the price, I thought sod it, just pay.

The food is too expensive here, so after a shower and change into my soft shoes, I trouped off down the long hill to Tesco. There I spent £3.30, reduced price prawn salad, drink, doughnuts, bread, and quiche for tomorrow. I didn't fancy the mile long trek back up the hill so I thought I would try hitch hiking. Held my thumb out and smiled. Three cars passed me and the fourth car stopped. It was an Asian chappie, I hopped in and said can you drop me off at the hotel at the top. He said yes, you will have to pay me. I said I have no money. Then he pointed to the sign at the top of his windscreen, TAXI. I said I had better get out, I have no money. I hadn't even noticed he was a taxi. Then he said he was picking up at the Cow and Calf, and if I couldn't pay it didn't matter. OMG I was dying to get out because I was bursting to laugh. A free ride in a taxi, ha ha.

Anyway, as I said I felt a lot better this morning. People are telling me you walk through the pain and come out the other side, so fingers crossed it should get better. I walked across the fields to Lothersdale and came across this pond. Now I feel I am in my favourite county, Yorkshire, I love it here.

The next bit was a long trek on the road, the most direct route to Glusburn and Cross Hills. I was striding along. It is not as sunny today, a nice breeze, much more comfortable.

Here we are coming into Glusburn. I love these old fashioned signs.

Down into Cross Hills, I found a Co op store and purchased a drink and a tub of tuna pasta salad, and found a church to sit and have lunch. As you can see I have taken my boots and socks off, it was lovely to walk about on the cold grass.

Over the railway bridge and the A629, to Kidwick, I walked along the Leeds and Liverpool canal for a while. I was able to chat to the chappie on this boat. There are two barges tied together, with building materials on board. He said they work for British Waterways and they are going to repair some canal banks. The little engine bit at the front is pushing the barges along.

The houses have lots of pot plants and flowers, just coming into Silsden.

I have a second wind now, and I'm striding along. My moods keep alternating, one minute I think I will never get to the end, then I suddenly get a buzz when I think of what it might feel like when I arrive at Hull. It was a long climb out of Silsden. Stopped to ask a tractor driver the way as I couldn't find the path. I went past Brunthwaite Crag and turned right at Nab End, heading for Ilkley Moor. Over Addingham High Moor, It's fabulous up here.

Up, up, and away, I joined The Millennium Way. This is a lovely part of the walk, makes me feel very happy.

Ilkley was on my left hand side, the path goes quite close to it in some places, but it was too early to pack up, so on I went. This is a cute little stone footbridge, the ferns are quite high at the moment.

The path climbed up again, and I came across this little white building. The man was just closing up. I was intrigued, the sign said Bath House. He told me that people do indeed climb up here to have a bath. It is a cold spring bath, Ilkley is a spa town. He said there is a queue to get in on January 1st as it's a tradition. Him and his wife make a living working here, there is no vehicle access, everything has to be carried up. What a wonderful place to live. I must Google this when I get back, apparently it is on the Bradford Council website, because they own the building.

This is the view they have from their front door, pure bliss if you ask me. He said they love it in the winter when the snow is down.

Nearly there now, passing through Ilkley Craggs.

I'm in a good place to get a good start tomorrow. across towards Otley and Harewood, so I'll have a look at the map so see which way I'm going to go. Off to watch a bit of tele now before bed time. I'm so pleased that you are coming along on this journey with me, thanks for your company. Toodle pip.


  1. I'm so enjoying following your progress, and the great photos,I'm cheering you on :)

  2. Pleased to hear you have felt better today. Naughty girl taking a lift from a stranger. Great photo's, go girl..... Sally

  3. You are doing really well Ilona, and I'm loving the diary and photos :-)
    Kate G

  4. Flippin heck Ilona, just checked the map and you're doing so well. Sally

  5. Hey up Ilona you re in my neck of the woods now but i cant get out cos looking after me kids :( Im so glad you carried on after all!

    Dave aka AJ

  6. Enjoying the journey with you. Ilona, the photos
    the photos are great. You are a travel log for those of us unable to do so.

  7. You're going great guns, keep it up!
    Love the photos, that little footbridge is divine.

  8. I am with you in spirit, if not in person and enjoying every minute (but not the pain!!). We are the same age- I hope I could manage the walk, too! What kind of walking shoes/boots do you have? Loke quite comfy but then they are well broken in! Will be in the UK and N.Yorkshire in Sept/Oct and looking forward to it! (from the USA)

  9. Wouldn't miss it for the world:) I cannot wait to get on my computer first thing each morning to see if you have written your post and accompanying (gorgeous) photos:) I also love Yorkshire♥ Happy to hear you are feeling much better. xxx

  10. Were you on Ilkley Moor bah tat?
    Hubby wanted to see your blog because I keep telling him about it! He said "how many years, months and days to retirement?".
    Ilona... YOU ROCK!!!!!!
    Jane x

  11. Glad that you are feeling better today. Thank you for taking us along with you. Love the beautiful pics.
    Wishing you another good day and a nice bed to rest in.
    Candace In Colorado

  12. I think the boats that just carry goods and are towed are called "butty boats"

  13. Glad you're feeling better today.
    I really admire what you are doing.

  14. Keeping in touch with your travels day by day. What a great adventure.

    I love making up my own walks, too, and have a few ideas of my own I've been thinking about for a while. You are inspiring me to get out there and do them! Sadly, with only 4 weeks hols a year, my wish list gets ever longer.

  15. good going. Would love to see a 'mapmyrun' breakdown when you get back.

  16. Wow! Looks like you are at the half way point now. Keep your spirits up, the posts are amazing!

    Sft x

  17. Hi Ilona, I've been reading your blog with interest every day to see how you're getting on. Sounds like your feet are much better today! I'll be quietly cheering you on from the other side of the world.x.

  18. You are walking through my old haunts from when we lived in Yorkshire! It is so beautiful up there. I love Wharfedale, whatever the season. Thanks for some great memories with your photos.

    Good luck for today`s walking.

  19. Keep it up.
    Jannie just put a link on DTL

  20. Beautiful photos and that view from Bath House is especially nice!

  21. lynda, if you tell me when you will be in North Yorks, I may be able to come and meet you. Ilona

  22. Mo, thanks for that, and Jannie, thanks. Ilona

  23. Will be in N. Yorkshire sometime in October (early) I think..depends when new baby arrives and my son has paternity leave! Will be staying with a friend near Scarborough, but will be in Worcester for 2 months if you get down that way!

  24. Just catching up Ilona as we've been away for a couple of days. I love Ilkley, your photos are great, of course Yorkshire is the very best county ever :)I put it down to fab scenery and lovely people!!
    you are doing a great job.
    twiggy x


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