Friday, 29 July 2011

Day 6 Bardsey to Selby

So, what's it been like today then? I am in the Londesborough Pub and Hotel which is next to the Abbey in Selby town Centre. Not a cheapie but for a Friday night when everywhere is busy I thought it best to take whatever comes first. Time has stood still for me, I can't remember what day it is, and here we are, the weekend is here already.

I set off at 9am after a hearty breakfast, I needed to leave the B & B pretty sharpish as the mobile phone signal was none existent there, and Radio Humberside was ringing me at 9.30. Luckily the route was uphill so by the time they did ring they could hear me loud and clear for a bit of light hearted banter with Burnsy again.

I've been pounding tarmac rather a lot today, once I get into a rythm my little legs are like pistons. The knee pain kept coming and going. Once I stop though it's hard to get going again. I have always been more of a steady plodder, never a sprinter, more a cross country gal.

I quite liked this fungi growing up the side of a tree trunk, quick whip out of the camera.

Coming into Bramham, I passed over the A1M. To think I was once pounding up and down this motorway all the time a few years ago, in a truck. Now I am ambling across without a care in the world, it's a great feeling.

Here we are arriving in Bramham.

The Memorial Monument in the village square.

And the church. Sorry, I chopped it's spire off, Had to get close to cut out the parked car on the left. People are so inconsiderate when they park their car where it will spoil the picture, ha ha.

I marched all the way to Tadcaster on the road, a good place to stop for lunch. A quick pop into Sainsburys for some food and sit on a bench next to the river. Tadcaster is a beer making town, Samual Smiths, and John Smiths. I used to come up here quite a lot when I worked for Ind Coop Brewery at Burton upon Trent. These old buildings are magnificent, and I think they should be preserved forever.

The church next to the river.

The next bit of the walk was quite pleasant, I followed the river bank, here I am about to pass under the main A64 Leeds - York road.

I didn't take any pictures for a while because I was concentrating on keeping up a good pace. I passed through Ulleskelf, Ryther, Cawood, and Wistow. When I was in Cawood I saw a sign for Selby 4 and a half miles, it was 4.30, so I estimated I could make that by 6pm. As I was coming into Wistow I saw these derelict greenhouses, they were massive. What a shame to let them get into a state of disrepair. I remember there used to be a sald grower here, maybe they went out of business.

So this is where I am now. There was a wedding party going on when I arrived, I got some funny looks as I went into the bar to enquire about a room, everyone was dressed to the nines in their party gear. What a racket, thank goodness I can't hear the revelry going on up here.

I popped out to get a few photo's of the Abbey next door. It's impossible to get one shot of the whole building because of the close proximity of the roads and neighbouring houses and shops. So here are bits of it.

The ornate stonework on the top is magnificent.

I've just been studying the map, I'm going to follow the river bank and get on the Trans Pennine Trail, this runs all the way to Hull. It will be a definate finish on Sunday, but I don't think there is two days walking left in it. I wonder if I can make it in one? Now that would be amazing :o) Toodle pip


  1. What a lovely account of your day's walking. You have been very lucky with the weather as well. Selby Abbey looks stunning, what a handsome building. Good luck for tomorrow and whather you decide to sprint for the finish line or not, I'm sure you will have had a great time. Those knees must be ready for a rest :)

  2. Wow, Selby already! You'll be in Hull in quick sticks!
    I love the photos of the Abbey, the last one with the grinning gargoyle sticking his tongue out is great.

  3. Ilona I am so annoyed. I have been staying at my Mums for the last two days so haven't had internet access. Guess where we popped to for lunch today, flippin Selby!!! If I'd known we could have met up and I would have bought you lunch !!!!
    You are doing a sterling job.
    Twiggy x

  4. WOW! All the lovely buildings. I am really impressed that the war memorials are kept up.
    I heard your last brodcast (loved the bit about having nowt on!!), I can't get to listen to the latest one until Sunday....cant' wait.
    Wishing you good weather and pain free knees/shoulders!
    Take care
    Jane x

  5. Well done! As one of your computer companions I have to say that selfishly I will be sorry to see your adventure end. I so admire your accomplishments, all of them not just this walk. This adventure has been such fun to watch, thank you so much for showing us parts of England not usually seen by foreigners and for your bright and funny writings.
    Wishing you a good night's rest and another day of good weather with a nice bed and lovely bath to meet you at day's end.
    Candace in Colorado

  6. Wishing you the Very Best Of Luck today if you decide to go for Hull (Selby to Hull following the river must be the best part of, or more than likely over, 40 miles), or if you're looking for a bed on the way (accommodation on/near the route must be scarce on this section/Saturday night).

  7. I've loved following your journey. What an inspiration you are. Good luck with the last part of your walk x

  8. Absolutely amazing:) What a fantastic journey and it's been wonderful for us to tag along:) I've so enjoyed all the photos posted, again some smashing ones today. You're on a roll now Ilona♥ Linda xxx

  9. A gutsy lady with bags of enthusiasm and knees of steel! Good on you. Have a great walk for the rest of the journey. Enjoyed your pics, too!!

  10. You have done brilliantly. Loving checking your progress on map each day and like others will be sad when you finish.

    What an achievement of a lifetime...coast to coast...amazing!

    Sft x

  11. I have enjoyed your travels, pity I didnt know you were in Selby, I could have popped onto the A64 then down the A19 into Selby, its about an hour from me and I go there regularly for housing meetings for the association I live with. Its a lovely little town and lately its been having a facelift , buildings getting spruced up and the old toll bridge across the river has been recently repaired and restored and back in use after been out of commission for around 5 months. Don't forget Ilona if you are over into Scarborough anytime let me know, we can always blow the camp bed up for you, you are always welome.
    Danneke x

  12. Thanks for more lovely photos of a once familiar part of the country. I remember the fine brewery buildings in Tadcaster. Selby Abbey is magnificent. What good luck that you had blue skies again for walking, and for photography.

    Have a great day walking to Hull. At least the terrain will be flatter!

  13. The stonework on the abbey is amazing. I love the gargoyles.


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