Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hot Hot Hot

It's been that hot today that I've taken to doing the washing up outside in the garden. Might as well top up my tan whilst doing the chores :0)

Look at this lot, not my washing up exactly, but a load of stuff given to us, from my friend Helen (Henry's mum), to sell to make funds for our rescue kitties. We took another kitten in the other night, it was found in someone's garden and despite asking around to try and find the owner, no one claimed it was theirs. The poor little mite is only about four weeks old and shouldn't be away from it's mother, but with Janets love and devotion and bottle feeding, it seems to be doing alright. So thank you Helen for supporting our cat rescue.

I took these photo's the other night, just as the sun was going down at the front of the house. These trees are in the garden directly behind mine. The sky was blood red over Doncaster way as the sun went down, and it beamed through the gap between our two houses and lit up the trees. There was only a couple of minutes to capture these images. As you can see the bottoms of the trees were in the shade, and the tops look like they are on fire.

As I look at them now the leaves are mainly green but starting to go yellow, ready for the fall. What an amazingly beautiful sight the sunset makes. Nature at it's best.


  1. The trees are gorgeous, don't you love nature?

    What a sad story about the kitten, I hope it survives.

  2. Hi Illona
    My favourite tree is the silver birch, I think that is what these are ??? Don't they look just beautiful. I am a great lover of trees and am always sad to see one chopped down. Recently we have lost a couple of really big old Elm from near the Brighton Pavilion. When I think how much change these trees have seen it saddens me to see them laying there.
    So glad you took the kitten in. My Mummy Polly was a stray and no more that kitten herself when we took her in pregnant, I don't think she is much older than her offspring but we shall never know.
    I often think of her when she was a stray, she must have been on her own a long time because she was all bone when we got her.

  3. You only get a minute sometimes to catch a lovely sky. I have learned to be quick!
    Lovely trees. You cant beat this time of year in my humble opinion.

  4. Wonderfully captured!
    Good luck to the little puss!

  5. My friend took a kitten that the mum had rejected. It is a cream/red Bengal. She was feeding if every 2 hours with a bottle and it is on cat food now. The little ****** makes a very loud yowl and is simply gorgeous.

    I love that glass dish in two colours, I wish I lived closer I would buy it from you for the kitty fund. Come to that, I could give you loads of stuff for the fund that I need to get shot of.

    My ride tomorrow, getting nervous now about extracting bike minus wheels out of the car!!!! Then putting rear wheel on will be difficult. Will have to try and find a man, as I don't want to get oil over my fingers, when I can't wash them properly.

    Those trees look beautiful. The colours are so rich particularly with a blue sky.


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